Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekly Challenge #33

This week's challenge is love.

Love yourself. Quiet the inner voice telling you negative things and replace it with loving, positive thoughts and energy.

Love others. Tell those you cherish how much they mean to you. Whisper it, write it, say it...just be sure they know.

Love family. Might be the same as loving others but I'm seeing this one more as letting a slight annoyance that normally would get under your skin, just be.

Love your work. Be thankful you are gainfully employed and find at least one thing you enjoy about what you do that allows for financial stability in these trying times. Appreciate the housework you have to do as it means you have a roof over your head.

Y'all get what I am trying to get across?


Let it in your life this week. Each and every day. Carry it forward. Personally I have found the love I give away comes back tenfold and then some.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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fiwa said...

Let the love flow, huh? I can do that. :)

pS - the below post is making me SO hungry!

Happy week -