Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recent Purchases

I can already hear Ace in my head. I'm not quite sure what his opinion will be but I know he's gonna have something to say.

Yes my dear friend. It has been awhile since I picked up some new things so quit hating.

It's only fitting I found the first one while on the phone with him. I'm not quite sure why I decided to browse the storage container section of Target Monday night but I was drawn there. I am glad I was as I found this containerThis bad boy is made for a salad loving fool such as myself. No more having to carry around two food storage containers. You know, one for the salad and another small one for the dressing. This one puts it all in one! Score!

Check it out.

The fork is a nice touch too don't you think? I'd love to share a website with you but when I googled frooshii all I got was this. If you can find a website, will you let me know? I'd love to see what other products they have to offer.

After I finished at Target I hobbled over to Trader Joe's. I love me some Trader Joe's. I wish everyone had one where they live. That store totally rocks! Rocks my world. Oh yes it does.

From there, I limped over to Linens N Things. The original reason for the visit was to pick up this and this.

So I'm going out on a limb and assuming you've clicked on the links. But if you didn't {slacker}, I went for a ped egg and a trashcan.

For the record, the ped egg does live up to the hype. See, walking funky post pedicure I was beginning to develop a hard spot on the outside of my heel. Instead of doing the usual scrub and pumice I thought I would give this "As Seen on TV" item a try.

I'm glad I did. If you've thought of picking one up but had reservations, let those go. I give it four out of five stars and endorse it without reservation.

Those of you who have the pleasure, or misfortune, of spending time with me in my home might be asking why in the world I needed another stainless steel step on can.

It's simple. The little one I have been using for the recyclables just wasn't cutting it. The bigger one is going to work out much better.

So peeps, when you come over, the brushed metal one is for trash. The shiny one with the red R on the back is for items to be recycled. Ok? Ok.

While I was picking up the ped egg I came across this. On sale nonetheless.

Steam resistant, on the go iPod speakers for all of $9.99, marked down from $19.99. I would have kept on limping at the higher price as it is not my usual style to select but I figured this way I could stop irritating the neighbors early in the morning and late at night.

They put out some sound don't get me wrong but nowhere near the thump, thump, thumpity thump the surround sound does. Plus I won't have to unpack the baby jam box speaker in my travel iPod case anymore.

The final find of the night is thanks to Fiwa. Thanks girl!

Yup, I've got my very own silicone baster brush now. The collar on it is to keep the bristles off of the counter. Another nice touch don't you think?

So internets tell me. What have you picked up lately? Just like new tunes, I'm all about cool little things that make life a bit easier. Fun too.

Share those with us and any must have items in your personal stash. I truly am interested.

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

I cannot stop laughing every time I look at the iPod speakers. It looks like it's getting fresh!

I've never seen the egg before - is it just for your heels?

I know, I know!! I've been sitting here for a few minutes, racking my brain for something cool, and I just remembered. Traveler, get thyself to Pier One, they have some really cool travel stuff in baskets on the counter. They look like little listerine strips, but they have soap, hair gel and shampoo ones! The soap is the best - I bought but have not been brave enough to try the shampoo.


Anonymous said...

That first thing???

Totally awesome. We're going to Target this evening and you can bet, I'm gonna look for it!

Mo said...

Pier 1 is on the list this weekend so I will be checking those out for sure.

I hadn't noticed the "fresh" perspective but now that you say it, I definitely do!

The ped egg is marketed for feet but I bet you could use it for other things too as long as the skin is tough enough to handle it.

It truly is the coolest thing.

Ace C said...

Damn shame! Damn shame! Damn shame! I thought you were supposed to be sitting on the sidelines. Who told you to go run plays. You are on the injured reserves. Brad this is organized sports talk.