Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Too Funny - Edited

I tried to find a picture of myself with a pouty face to accompany this post. I didn't have that much luck. Here's the best I could find.
I determined I smile. A lot. Not just in pictures but while I was pondering over Slick's question of whether I have always been optimistic.

I'd say for the most part, yup. I do try to find the brighter side of life. This is why I can laugh at myself right now for something that happened today that isn't so funny.

I was walking down stairs I have walked down many times before. They are wicked stairs but easy enough to maneuver. At some point I decided I wanted to fall down said stairs.

I skidded down about five or six of them, landed on my knees, and promptly thought "Ouch!" in my head.

I would love to tell you I did this after a few glasses of wine but y'all, I was totally stone cold sober.

I can only attribute this to the slickness of my feet in my heeled sandals post the mani/pedi and movie. Why else would I go tumbling down a perfectly good set of stairs?

The waitress who witnessed the incident was very concerned. Yea, yea. Lawsuit probably is the real reason but I would like to live in denial for a moment and think it is because it was that much of a fall and she was concerned for my well being.

She asked if anything was broken and I said no. I think I may be rethinking that statement right about now.

I googled symptoms of a broken toe and here's what I found to be the most common symptoms

Swollen toe
Toe pain
Bruised toe
Bleeding toe
Weak toe
Numb toe
Tingling toe
Misshapen toe

I have all of them except the bleeding toe. Even after I sat with a bag of ice from the bar for well over two and half hours.

This sucker, the second toe on my right foot, hurts like all get out. It's not a very pretty sight. But I did manage to save my pedi. That's gotta count for something right?

As I lay myself down to sleep tonight, I pray for a speedy recovery. There's not much you can do for a broken toe but stay off of it, tape it, ice it, and with it.

So that's what I am going to do. Deal with it and hope in the morning it's not any worse because it's pretty darn fugly right now. Hurts like the dickens too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

EDITED Post Wake Up: I now firmly believe that little piggy is broken. It is swollen more than yesterday. It is even more painful and numb. It has a funky little bent action going on that wasn't visible yesterday.

I made an appointment but can't get in until tomorrow. I'm erring on the side of caution folks. The last thing I want is a funky toe for the rest of my life, especially since this happened on the foot I previously had surgery on.

Good times y'all. Good times.


Summer said...

Sue the bastards.
That was my neighbors answer to anything and everything.
I hope you're toe is better today.
Great save on the pedi BTW.

fiwa said...

Oh Mo! I think you're smart to go to the doctor, your toes are your balance in walking - don't want one of 'em messed up for life.

I bet that hurt so much - I hope it didn't ruin the movie day and the fun with your friends.

Sending you lovins,

kimmyk said...

omg gracie are you alright!!???!!!

breaking one's baby toe is sooo painful. it's like downright pee your pants painful.

can you get your foot in your shoe? awwww.....hugs girl.

Mo said...

Summer, Too funny! I wish it was better but no such luck.

Thanks Fiwa. I'm to the doc Tuesday morning. Luckily it happened at the end of the day.

Kim, I'm in pain but I will tough it out. What gets me is the people looking at me like WTF? Why is she walking like that?

Sorry if I confused you with the little piggy comment. It is actually my second toe on my right foot. I can't get in anything but flip flops, which I am sure doesn't help.

fiwa said...

How's your toe today - what did the doctor say?

JJP said...

Sorry about your toe... I was SO worried you were going to say you hurt your knee! Again!