Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He's Baaaack

Spanky is back!
Did you miss him?
I'm pretty sure he's upset with me for keeping him on the down low for about a month but forgiveness will be granted.
I'm glad I packed him for this trip as he was asked for specifically by name upon my arrival yesterday. Love, love, love that my work peeps embrace him like they do.
Here's a random sampling of his life of late. It may seem as if all we do is eat and drink but I assure you we do much more than this when we're on the road.

After a looooooong day, booze hound Spanky believes the peeps should have an ice cold beer; Guinness for "boss man" and Bud Light for me.

Have you ever seen a fried baked potato? I had not until last night. Apparently it is a house speciality and according to our waitress and the restaurant manager, awesome. My vote? Not so awesome but at least I can say I have tried a fried baked tater.

Fresh horseradish with prime rib is a rare treat. Almost made up for the not so awesome tater. Almost.

I passed on the melted butter that accompanied the prawn and scallop skewer cooked cajun style. We love us some salsa and queso oh yes we do.

If you don't watch yourself, we'll run you over for chicken fajita salad.

We have another night and two days to go in this destination. It's been a good trip so far and I am sure the rest of the time in the great state of Idaho will be more of the same.

I hope things are good where you are too.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Brad said...

I so miss feeding at the company trough - that fried/back tatoe looks yummy to me - bring me left overs huh ? we need to plan the lunch date when you get back home and have time.

fiwa said...

mmm.... prime rib, who cares about potatoes?

kimmyk said...

how do you fry a baked potato?
good / bad? dish.

looks like a good time. i love eating through you. lol. it's like the food network channel..sort of.

Ace C said...

Was he on a diet from partying with you.