Thursday, June 05, 2008

Meet the Work Husband

Lots of y'all have asked.

I now introduce you to the work husband.

He and I travel together. A lot.

We compliment each other in terms of work style.

Personality wise we totally bring it.

Not only are we colleagues, we're the best of friends.

We've got each others backs like nobody's business.

We can order a meal for each other without skipping a beat, including the special requests and quirks we both have. We have complete conversations via a look of the eyes. If one of us forgets to pack something, you can pretty much be assured the other one has it or will make sure we make the time for a store shopping trip.

We've worked together for a total of 7 years but only in the last two have we been lean, mean traveling machines on the exact same team.

From time to time, I travel solo. So does he. Another member of our team, the dotted line boss aka "boss man" joins us on some of our trips too.

Bottom line? We lurve each other and traveling solo just isn't the same without your road dog.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

Is the work husband married? I could picture all kinds of complications at home if he were.

How nice to have a traveling companion that you're so in-sync with. I'm sure it makes the trips so much better.

Brad said...

Work Hubby's even easy on the eye too! You got a smokin deal there sweets.

fiwa said...

He is good lookin'! Of course, so is our Mo. :)

It's so nice to have coworkers that you like and respect. That can make all the difference in the world in whether or not you enjoy your job.

I'm not surprised though - like attracts like. You work hard and have a great attitude, so it's not surprising that you would have a coworker who is the same.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


kimmyk said...

i love your hair dark.
you just colored it didn'tcha?? love it!!! and i love it straight too!

very cute!

and speaking of cute..*clears throat* hellooooo work husband!!!

it's great that you two are that n-sync together. i wouldn't think you'd mess up a great working relationship to have at that..but girl, if you one would blame ya! lol!

Mo said...

Y'all are crazy and that is why I love you so very much!

Work husband is married. He keeps his work and personal life very private. Almost too private. I mean I know what is going on but he won't do the after hours networking with the wifey and half of the time, doesn't when he is home.

For all of you,
Yea, yea. I can appreciate he looks good but trust the thought has not crossed either one of our minds.

Would you believe no? That color is 5 weeks old. If you look closely, you will see the gray but thankfully it is not showing in the pictures.

Guess I should start wearing it straight more often. I used to wear it straight every day but then decided to start mixing it up. Lots of folks like it straight. Go figure.

Ace C said...

Leave him at work...not on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Okay, he's hotttttttt! I think my panties just involuntarily fell to the ground...