Friday, June 27, 2008


Summa' has arrived in the PacNW!

Where I live, the temps are supposed to be in the 80s and quite possibly the 90s this weekend.

Blue skies are abundant.

The sun is shining.

Pine cones are maturing before my very own eyes. If you look closely in the above picture you may see 'em too.

I'm sitting on the patio, plugging away (ok, I'm taking a lunch break right this moment), sipping on a cold glass of water with a lemon and a lime, enjoying the breeze, relishing in the warmth, and daydreaming about the poolside action I'll be engaging in over the weekend.

How's your Friday?

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

Isn't it beautiful outside? I took a Starbucks walk with the MIS (computer tech) boys this morning. It was gorgeous! Not a cloud to be SEEN!

Enjoy the sun -

Ace C said...

Must be nice to have a regular Summer and not one that is beating the heall out of you at 6 in the morning.

Summer said...

Your Friday sounded way better than mine. Have a GREAT weekend.

Cheryl said...

Finally, Summer for you! It's about time. Enjoy the weekend. When it's wonderful weather in WA, it's better than anywhere. That's what I remember from my time there, anyway.

Sorry I haven't been around. I'm caught up and back.

PS. I think I've had a broken big toe for a while. I should get it checked out. Did it hurt to have your's reset? Any screaming?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good Friday!

As for me....I was off and did abSOlutely nothing. Loved it!