Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday

Happy Monday.
It is going to be another hot one around here.
I know, I know. I should be happy we are out of June-ary and we are actually being treated to the sun and warmer temps.
But yesterday y'all?
Almost unbearable.
My flowers, which usually last at least two weeks, up and wilted. Died. Shriveled. All of them bit it with exception to the carnations in the arrangement.
Are carnations like the roaches of the flower world? I don't know much that will kill 'em.
I may have to pick up carnations this week. I like gerber daisies better and they seem to endure heat too.
I don't have much going on today other than work, taking Jasmine to see her doctor for a follow up, and residual chores not finished during the weekend.
How 'bout you internets? Whatcha' got going on?


Monica said...

It was really warm here yesterday, then freezing at night. Gotta love the Bay Area.

Have a good week. :)

fiwa said...

It was warm yesterday - we went to the Fremont Sunday Market, but I wilted early from the heat. I think it seems extra hot because we haven't worked up to it - it went from cold to hot too quickly.

I'm sorry your Saturday plans didn't work out. I remember back when lots of apartments had adult pools and kid pools - that was da bomb.

Today is supposed to be cooler - I hope you can find a breeze.


Brad said...

People tend tyo think were heat wimps here in the Pacific Northwest. Many do realize most people don't have central AC here as you only really need it like 1 week a year. Do what ever you can to block sunlight from hit the outside of your windows. People think it's good enough to draw the blinds but is sun is heating the glass it transfer right into the house. XOXO

Ace C said...

Stop the madness lady.

Cheryl said...

I'm following Brad and Fiwa around. Can you tell Brad's been taking his Percocet? He did have a good point about the AC. I forgot that it's not common in WA.

How's your toe? Any less gimpy?