Sunday, May 27, 2007

Change of Plans & Timely Reminder

I went to bed really late, or should I say early this 4:30 AM.

Yea, insomnia sucks. However, I did get the rest of the place cleaned up with only needing to make the bed with the freshly washed linens (love that!), run the Dyson over the crap ass apartment carpet, and take the trash to BFE this morning.

About 10:00 AM, when I realized the sun was not going to make an appearance and either a sweater or sweatshirt would be needed to make the day a pleasant one, I call Pete to find out if we were still going with Plan A.

You know, bring the girls over, go to the park/beach, have some fun times with the paint, glitter, glue...all my artsy tartsy crafty stash as he calls it.

We're going with Plan B. I'm heading over there to bbq at his place with a few of our other friends.

You mean I could have not cleaned up yesterday? I could have been a bum and gone to a friend's bbq/party or stayed in and read?

I was all set to chill here. The girls were super excited to be coming over.

I figured worst case scenario was he could hang on the couch while the girls and I got our creative energies flowing and if all else failed, we could watch Charlotte's Web from On Demand.

He's such a ball buster and a buzz kill.

Just kidding. He's totally right that my place is a little small for all of us to hang all day and have the other peeps over for the bbq.

You're not supposed to think of what could be. You are supposed to focus on what is. Lessens the disappointment and frustration. Live in the here and now. Embrace life. Live it.

So, here's to Plan B and a big thank ya' shout out to the powers that be for reminding me to go with the flow, to not over think. To just be.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Paolo said...

nice work, Monica. it is really easy once you just let things go and let what is be what it is.

Besides being a night owl does make room for some of the most brilliant thoughts you will ever have....

Webmiztris said...

sounds like a good attitude to have. :)

kimmyk said...

If I just cleaned my house as much as you did I wouldn't want ANYONE messin' with my masterpiece. I'd want to keep it as long as I could. And besides he can clean up the mess then afterwards. (ok I know you'll help)

Hope it all went well yesterday.

*everytime I hear plan b I think of the pill for some reason. guess all those years in women's health has messed with my head*

Mo said...

Thanks Paolo. From reading your blog, I can tell you totally get the insomnia and the inspiration that comes in the middle of the night.

Thanks Dawn. I'm a work in progress and love when I get smacked in the face so to speak with the reminders.

I fully admit I have a problem. I don't like messy, unless we're talking about knocking the boots.

I do clean a lot don't I? I think a lot of it stems from my childhood (disfunction junk everywhere, house constantly being remodeled and never finished, etc. by the sperm donor) and the other part is from traveling so much. You know...what if something happens to me thought as well as when you return to a hotel room it is usually nice and tidy.

So, don't be getting ideas about coming over here and messing with masterpiece a'right? Kidding. I'm kidding!

And it is funny you say about helping clean up afterwards because I did! I cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, swept and mopped the floor, took out the trash.

Hey, I wanted him to relax after cooking and go play with the girls. :)