Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Saving Me From Myself

Drinks, chips, dip, and taco salad for dinner with your best friend.

Much needed Wednesday night break.

She saved me from myself.

Few other quick updates.

I have almost completely met the deadline.

Guess who will be up at the crack of dawn, plugging away at the office so she can be fully prepared for tomorrow's conference calls? Yea, that'd be me.

Guess who has decided she is not ready to give up the fight with the increasing gray hair? Yea, that'd be me again. Kyla's going to work out a plan. I just may go back to the one color but adding highlights in afterward after all. This head of hair will not go gray quietly into the good night.

Guess who has decided when Pete is over the kitties will be locked out of the bedroom? Yea, that'd be me also. We talked this afternoon and god bless him, he recognizes this is their house. I expressed to him I appreciate he recognizes this but the point of him being here at night is to sleep in the bed next to me, not on the couch.

See last night at some point I heard Jasmine crawl back up on the bed and start her incessant meowing. It has become a reflex for me to reach out to pet her until she settles in. After that happened, he got up and went to the couch. This I didn't hear and didn't know until I woke up this morning.

It might take some adjusting and getting used to but I'm willing to give it a go. He also recognizes how big of a change this will be and was touched by my desire to give it a go.

Everyone insert "awww" here.

Guess who is heading to bed now? Yea, that'd be me.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Damn if I didn't do the backspace thingy and still have the crapola extra spaces. Guess I don't know how to add a picture correctly either.

Know what I say to that?

****Pffft you punk ass bitch.****

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