Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sweet Jesus

EDITED: This I do not understand. I post an entry. I come back to edit something. All this empty effing space adds to the orginal post. I try to delete the spaces and they stay.

WTF? I'm listening internet. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to fix this? To avoid it? Please tell me.

I don't like the spaces anymore than you do.

Let's talk about a couple of my Sweet Jesus moments lately shall we?

First up: I am slated to become the single cat lady people have joked about me being in my future. It's coming, soon, to my life.

See T and family are making their way back this way and their fur babies need a place to stay until they get settled.

There will be four pussy cats in this 700+ square foot dwelling. 2 meanies and 2 lovies.

Fun times in the summer time. Sweet Jesus.

I already briefed Pete on the situation and guess who won't be spending too much time over here during my journey into cat lady existence?

Second: I arrive home from work yesterday to find Pete asleep on the couch. We had a workout and night of chilling planned. When I tried to wake him up he tells me, through heavy lidded eyes, "Why can't you ever come in, leave me alone, and go do what you need to do?"

Don't hate. He was super tired, which I was too (staying up for 24 hours + will do that to me), and have learned that even if what he says when he is asleep has a hint of truth to it, I should not take it personally.

So, what did I do? Kissed him on the tip of his nose and proceeded to kick off my heels, walk to my home desk, and got another four hours of work in while he slept.

I finally woke him up around 7:45. We watched sports center, talked for a bit, debated on whether to get dinner (we didn't), and headed to bed at 10:00.

Sweet Jesus. We're becoming truly domestic. And it is all good.

And in case you are wondering, we did. Oh and let me just say, it was a nice and tender, slow, loving interaction. Sweet Jesus.

Third: Deadlines suck. Last minute deadlines really suck. I am truly in the depths of a deadline that is getting the best of me.

Maybe they are called deadlines because you just might be in the process of killing yourself to meet the expectation.

I normally have two to three days to complete the task at hand and I have less than a day to get some analysis done.

My dear Sweet Jesus is on my side and knowing this, I won't be dead when I cross this analysis finish line.

Back to the number crunching I go.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

I'm glad he wasn't fussy that long. Men can be fickle.

How long are you gonna have the extra cats? Hopefully not too long that way Pete won't stay gone for too long.

Hope your 'SWEET JESUS' week slows down. I don't know how to fix those gaps except to backspace them out.

Do you type it out in WORD then paste it over? I'm not sure I'd have to see how you're doing it-sorry.

Webmiztris said...

"Why can't you ever come in, leave me alone, and go do what you need to do?"

damn, he schooled you....LOL
I have to admit, it sounds like a catty thing I'd say if someone woke me up too!

Mo said...

I think the house guests will be here for a few weeks, maybe a month.

T and her family are family so as long as it takes, as long as her bitch kitty doesn't kick my bitch kitty's ass and my love kitty keeps on taking poos and doesn't have an outbreak and the apt mgt doesn't kick me out for being two animals over the limit...they are welcome to stay.

And I will have to try the backspace thing. I've been highlighting the spaces and using the delete button instead. It happens when I do an entry directly off of blogger or from word too. User error, user error.

Yep. I was schooled and later, he got schooled. *wink*