Saturday, May 26, 2007

Old School

I've been on the hunt for a pair of travel speakers for months and months.

Don'tcha' just love when you are not looking for something it pops right out at ya'?

That seems to happen to me all the time.

So there Pete and I are in Radio Shack to pick up an adapter to plug the iPod into the surround sound the other afternoon. He and I have different taste in music. Way different. I can appreciate his jams, he can appreciate mine and we share from time to time.

It's only fair if the man is going to be doing the bbq'ing/cooking he should be able to listen to his tunes right?

So anyway, the Radio Shack dude is helping me select the right adapter and Pete grabs my arm. Grabs it hard.

Pete: "Babe! Babe! Look!!!"

Mo: "Chill."

Pete: "You have to see these. It's perfect. Just what you have been looking for."

Mo: Giving the man the evil eye looks to her left and sees those sweet little travel speakers and exclaims, "Suwheeeet!"

He was right. Just what I have been looking for. Compact. Easy to pack in my iPod travel carrying case with the wall charger, cord, and headphones.

They were pretty cheap ($19.99) so the sound quality isn't excellent but it is good enough for me while on the road in certain places that don't have an mp3 adapter available.

Being the nerd I am, when we were driving back from the store, I plugged them into his iPod, turned the speaker on, put in on my shoulder next to my ear and did the best 80s rendition I could muster.

Remember those days? The days of the boom boxes?

Yea, me too.

Old school style.

I can remember having my Run DMC and Beastie Boys tape playing all the time in my big ass black boom box while wearing my green and white classic Adidas. Them were the days!

This new little set up kinda' reminds me of those days.

Oh, and someone will ask what was playing when I took the shot. I know you will. I am not sure which one of you it will be but it'll come at some point. Love ya' beaotches. The song was "Gimme That" by Chris Brown.

And just for the record, I will not be rocking out with the speakers next to my ear with the iPod resting on my shoulders in public...unless you ask me to.


kimmyk said...

What kind of music does he listen to? You and I listen to the same music pretty much. Just curious.

Mo said...

Me hopes you're sitting down. He was born in the wrong era.

Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, and Hard core rock is what comes to mind. He also listens to more mellow "now" music than I do.

kimmyk said...

Good thing you warned me to sit first Mo, because that nearly brought me to my knees. *Just kidding.

Neil's not bad. Neither is Cat Stevens, and hard core rock? could be worse, right? It could be like country. Or polka. Or, okay you're right. It doesn't get much worse than that.

Mo said...

LOL. It could be worse. A lot worse.

Ace C said...

I am starting to get a little jealous of this "Pete" fellow. He step into my territory by going shopping with you. Somebody call the KOMO and let them know, there's about to be a homicide. Damn you "Pete", Damn you!