Tuesday, May 15, 2007



A very large part of my life.

Call me a pyro. Call it an obsession. Call it what you want. I love me some candles.

Tea lights, pillars, jar candles...they spell relaxation for me.

There is nothing more that I love than to come home, light all the candles, reflect on the day, unwind, set a mood.

Do you get what I am saying here?

Remember when the power went out in December and the girls came over here with their fur babies because they knew I would have the most light available considering the circumstances?

Well, they challenged me to keep up with how much I spend on candles for a year.

Not one to back down, I took them up on it and started tracking my purchases 01.01.07.

Here's a quick break down to date:
$17.42 - pillars for hurricanes
$21.78 - ice block pillars for entryway wall
$27.22 - ice block pillars for fireplace
$28.31 - jar candle on nightstand

Let me do the math for you and let you in on how my mind works a little bit more than you already know.

The total to date is $94.73.

May 15 is day 135 of 365.

If I burned the candles every day since January, which we know I have not but roll with it, that equates to $.70 a day. That's less than buying a latte a day. So even though $94.73 for candles may seem like a lot, it is actually not that much, especially considering the peace it brings me.

Then, since I figured out May 15 is day 135, I determined 36% of the year has passed leaving us with 63% remaining.

Have you accomplished what you set out to do so far this year?

It is never too late to get started. I know I have lots to get cracking on.


kimmyk said...

I love candles but I hardly burn them in the summer months. I need to get me some summery smells and get lighting. But you know what? I don't buy candles unless they smell. No plain ones for me.

They are peaceful. Something about a fireplace and candles makes me feel warm and safe.

Mo said...

I do both, scented and unscented.

The tea lights are always unscented. I can't beat the uber cost effective Ikea bags. I buy in mass qty.

My scented ones run all over the place. Currently I have a vanilla spice (Party Light) in the kitchen, buttercream vanilla in the fireplace (Pier 1), brownie on top of the fireplace (Ikea), sugar cookie in the hurricanes (Target), island orchard (Pier 1) in the entryway, pumpkin spice (Pier 1) in the office, island orchard/buttercream vanilla (Pier 1) in the bathroom, Fig (Henri Bendel) on my nightstand.

Then, there are scented oils I burn in the living room and bedroom and the massive amounts of tea lights.

See, I do have a problem. I can't make up my mind on a scent either.