Friday, May 18, 2007

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered why when you want to find fun, funky, and inspiring crafty stuff you can't really find any but then when on a whim you stop by your local favorite S&S they have so much you can't decide what to get or you end up breaking the bank?

Must be Murphy's Law or something.

I went to Impress tonight before happy hour to pick up a punch I had on reserve (one of the file tab ones) and holy heck did they ever have some super suwheet papers in!

I was in hog heaven peeps. I almost went crazy but you'd be so proud of me. I only picked up two. Yes, you just read that correctly, only two and for a particular project in mind.

What project you might be asking. Well, that project would be the Father's Day canvas I will be doing with the girls for Pete.

Oh and shocker! The colors for the project are blues and metallic silver with black and white photos.

Ok, ok, ok. Those of you who have had the pleasure or misfortune (hopefully pleasure comes to mind) of knowing me in person know blue is not one of my favorites. I've come to like the robin's egg blue with brown combo and to do this project, with the recipient in mind, means blue is the primary color pallet.

His favorite color is blue so it makes logical sense to select the color scheme but let me tell ya' it is hard to select paint and papers in colors you don't normally gravitate toward.

I forced myself toward the blues. I made myself do it. Here's to just hoping he likes what we put together or at the very least acts like it. :)
Another have you ever wondered from today is have you ever wondered why the weather during the week can be outstanding and then the weekend hits and it turns cruddy?

Murphy's Law at work again or the universe making sure you appreciate the good days when they are present?

We've had a couple of glorious days here and this weekend it is supposed to be not so glorious.

Guess I'll get the rest of the household inside tasks done and be a good babysitter this weekend. Kyla's little fur baby Farrah is spending the weekend with Jasmine, Princess, and me while she is out of town for business.

Have you ever wondered what you look like to other people when you are driving along in your car?

You have? Me too!

I decided to snap a couple of pictures to see for myself. They might have been a little more realistic if I had my mouth open in mid song, bopping away or the baba attached at the lips but I didn't think about that until about five minutes ago.

One thing I will say for sure, I like the happy face better but let's keep it real. I won't be driving along with a smile on my face just so I can put a happier face forward.
I hope you and yours have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.
Other than babysitting and finishing up some household tasks, I have a brow appointment, will be attending the rubber stamping show, and hope to create some cards and pages. I'd like to finish the Jonathan Kellerman book I've been reading too. And I would like to spend some time with Pete and the girls. I haven't seen the girls since the weekend of April 29th.
Aggressive I know but if I stay on track I know I can get most all of it, if not everything above, done.
Peace and Love Peeps.


Webmiztris said...

lol, when I'm driving I'm always singing along and doing a little "seat dance"...I'm sure it's very entertaining to the drivers around me!

kimmyk said...

i'm always rockin out to my own personal concert. i've never thought about it much, now i will.

i love robins egg blue with chocolate but i'm not a fan of blue at all either.

take pictures of the project please.

Mo said...

Seat dancers and head bobbers unite!

Pictures of the project will most def be posted. Heck, I take pics of charred burners and finished clams so you know I will let you in on the craftiness too.