Wednesday, May 30, 2007


When you decide to wear a linen wrap dress to work, don't grab just any ole bra. Make sure you select the non Very Sexy non push up bra from VS.

See I wasn't paying attention this morning when I got dressed. I just went for black without a thought as to what the finished result might be when sitting at my desk.

Yes peeps. My boobies are out there today. The girls do look good but it is not appropriate for the office, especially when you work with a bunch of men.

I went and asked a close, personal friend and facility manager if he had a safety pin laying around so I could pin 'em in.

His response? "No but I do have a push pin. If we push it in, will they deflate?"

Um no.

So in an attempt to take the attention off of the cleavage, I'm gonna' drink Pepsi and sit here and let the belches rip.

Think that will work?


kimmyk said...

Maybe scratch your butt too.
That should do it!

Webmiztris said...

Probably not. I imagine guys would really be into a girl with giant boobs on display who could burp right along with the boys. It's like the best of both worlds!

Paolo said...

freaking hilarious.

but honestly, you're own suggestion of a different bra might be the only thing that would have made a difference. Because we get tunnel vision when boobs get our attention.

Pepsi or no Pepsi, belching or no belching. plumbers crack or no plumbers crack, we notice nothing else.....


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