Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rainy Sunday

A rainy Sunday in the Pacific Northwest.

Nothing much beats that.

A time to huddle and cuddle under the covers (which I did this morning with the kitties).

A time to watch tv indoors and be lazy (which Ace did this afternoon).

A time to be crafty and create (which I did yesterday and again today because I am wicked inspired and am making the time to tap into that part of myself).

A time to recognize the beauty of a rainy day and the possibilities it can bring just as much as a gloriously sunny spring day can.

T, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I had you in mind when I snapped them as I was driving back from Impress this afternoon. And damn them for not carrying the Tim Holtz Ranger distress inks. I should have called before I got out and spent some of my $3.45 a gallon of gas fuel.

Peace and Love Peeps. Monday morning will be here before I know it and wouldn't you know it? I have some laundry to finish up before I can get my arse in bed.


kimmyk said...

Pine trees and rain?
I bet it smelled wonderful there.

Lucky ass.

Webmiztris said...

$3.45? holy shit! we haven't broken $3 around here quite yet....that's perhaps the only upside to living in!

Mo said...

Your lucky ass will be smelling it soon enough.

I want to come live in BFN. For some awful reason, gas on the west coast is higher than the national average.

At this rate I am going to start walking everywhere.