Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuesday Tales and Domesticity

Every day images from Tuesday night at one of our spots on the waterfront.

I love how common elements of our life can be turned into art if you are willing and able to see the beauty and possibilities.

At first, Kyla groaned about the camera being back in action but trust she got into it and secretly I know she likes the documented evidence of our times together, memories being captured.

Heck, she was the one who decided we needed to garnish the finished clams to "add color and have better presentation" on the plate of clams we devoured.

So those of you with digitals and a life artist's eye, do you drive your friends and family crazy with the endless "wait I have to take a picture of this!" and consistent snapping away of photos too? And have they come to love, appreciate, and expect it? For you to have your camera with you at all times?

Last night was a classic example. Pete was over for dinner and to my horror, I set the stove on fire for a moment. Yes peeps, it is possible to start a fire when boiling taters. {insert laughter}

After we put the fire out and I explained how it happened Pete turns to me and says, "Too bad your camera wasn't right here. You could have gotten a killer shot of the flames licking the pot."

He then went and grabbed the camera and I took a shot of the charred burner. He is such an enabler.

And while we are on the topic of Pete and dinner, after we worked out we went to the grocery store to get some of the fixings for dinner and we're at the checkout.

Keep in mind neither one of us has a ring on...on any finger. Bill is paid and the cashier, who is also the store manager, says "Thank you Mr. and Mrs W..... Have a good night."

Um, we both looked at each other with a look of fright, bust out laughing, and exclaimed, "Oh My!"

That never happened to me before, even when I was married and the ex was with me.

Bite your tongue before you say this is a sign of things to come.

And I never replied before Kimmy (sorry) but we have no plans of moving in together. Jokingly we've talked about it but um no. Not going to happen. Not now. I won't say never but as for now, not going to do it...wouldn't be prudent.

Heck, lately he's taken to sleeping on the couch instead of the bed when he has to get serious sleep and get up early. He says my couch is comfortable (I concur) and he's not so fond of sharing the bed with the fur babies and no matter how much I try, he can still "feel" the fur on the bed.

Deal breaker peeps. Love me, love the babies. Love me, love the fur. Love me, love the situation of them ruling the roost.

And in case you are wondering how I decided to turn the stove into an indoor grill, when I was cooking lunch yesterday I spilled some of the alfredo sauce on the stove top. In the spirit of my OCD and cleaning as I cook, I grabbed a napkin to wipe the sauce up. Part of the napkin caught on fire and I guess some of it burned off into the burner part.

Good times.

Oh, and I know someone is going to ask what was for lunch and for dinner. Lunch was grilled chicken mixed in with pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli. Dinner was meatloaf, garlic mashed taters, corn, and a caesar salad.

Laters taters. I gots to get back to work.


kimmyk said...

I love your pictures. Especially the one with the water. Very calming even from Ohio.

Couches are a good bed in times such as that. No matter how many times ya kick the four legged lovelies off the bed they still find a way to get back in there without being noticed. I enjoy snuggling my dog.

Mo said...

Just wait until you come to visit! If it looks good to you now, in person it will be that much better.

We talked about him on the couch a little bit more this afternoon and he made sure, very sure, that I knew it wasn't because of me. (Thanks babe) He just didn't want to deal with them last night. This I can definitely understand, esp. Jasmine.

She's become very attached to him lately too. I have a darling picture I'll have to send to you so you can see them taking a nap together the other afternoon.