Friday, August 01, 2008

Fiwa's Friday Shuffle & Weekend Plans

Yes, it is Friday!!!

This weekend is going to be almost as busy as the week has been. It's all good though.

After a nice day at work today, I am looking forward to a trip to the vet and to the casa to chill.

Tomorrow I have an out of town guest in for the day to spend time with.

Sunday I'm supposed to be meeting Fiwa and Brad.

In between all of that I'll be doing the usual errands, light housecleaning, and August birthday and anniversary cards.

Friday has come to mean Fiwa's random ten so let us get on it shall we?

This week my iPod decided it would be totally random...

1. Long Time Gone by the Dixie Chicks

2. Answer by Sarah McLachlan

3. All She Wants by Duran Duran

4. Jive Talkin' by the Bee Gees

5. Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects

6. The Look of Love by ABC

7. Up and Away by Dave Matthews

8. Come With Me by Day 26

9. All She Wants to Do is Dance by Don Henley

10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for by U2

Didja' play? Didja?

Peace and Love Peeps.

1 comment:

fiwa said...

Lol! Now THAT is some randomness!
Jive Talkin' - I LOVE IT!

I'm really looking forward to Sushi Sunday.

Random 10 will be up in a little bit.

lovins -