Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sushi with the Girls

Thursday was one of those nights where the stars aligned. Where the laughter and love was large and in charge.

I say it all the time, but truly I am blessed to have great people in my life who love me and I love. Family by choice, which is so very important to me, especially considering my brothers and sister are hundreds of miles away.

After work I met Fiwa, Mars and Drea for sushi. I have to get that weekly fix in dontcha' know!

I was a tad disappointed Mars and Drea forgot their chopsticks but Fiwa and I remembered ours. Just doing our part to keep it green because it is how we roll.
One of those days I am going to master using chopsticks without the helpers. I just know I will.

This particular night I was having quite a bit of trouble using them and ended up making a mess. Those little helpers kept flying off. Here. There. Anywhere they wanted to go, they went. It made for laughs at my expense, which is all good.

The joint added pictures with descriptions of what is coming toward you on the conveyor belt and for this, we were all thankful. Now at least we will know what we're eating and this is always a good thing isn't it?
Mars and I braved the heat and tried this. It is called fire phoenix roll. A fitting name indeed.

Post eating it our lips were on FIRE. Normally she and I are the ones eating jalapeƱos straight from the nachos, from the jar, and adding them to pretty much anything we consume. What I am saying here is we are no strangers to jalapeƱos but these babies? These babies did us right.

Eating this roll also allowed me the opportunity to share the history of ring of fire with Fiwa. I am glad you didn't run for the hills screaming "Get me away from these freaks!" girl. Like I said, you're on the list now and going forward there is nothing but more craziness, laughter, and love to come your way, if you want it that is.

Drea wanted something sweet and selected this. I believe it is a bean curd something or other. She was having no part of it. Mars and I picked up the slack and found it tasty, with a mesmerizing texture we couldn't quite put our finger on. It is a good thing they had a creme puff for her to get or else we might have been in a bit of trouble.

We parted ways but not before we took a picture. Everyone put your right foot in. We did not do the hokey pokey but I was tempted to break out in song and dance, for a moment that is.

Can you guess who is who?
To make it interesting, the first person to get it right, a gift certificate is yours for the taking. Sorry Drea, Mars, and Fiwa, you can't play but you can sit back and watch the guesses come in. Voting closes at 10:00 PM PST Tuesday night, September 2.

For ease of the vote, go with the counter clockwise method and use these descriptions:
Rounded bow
Square bow
Mary Jane

Later on this long weekend I'll talk about the rest of the night post sushi and the last 24 hours of football. For now, I'm spent. Tired. Ready to hit the hay.

It was a late night last night and an early morning today. I've been on the go with lots of cheering and all of it has been fueled by adrenaline, Red Bull, and the company of some great friends.

Now I am worn out.

Peace and Love Peeps.




this was cute, and I love all our shoe selections!!!


whoops, YOUR shoe selections!

CrystalChick said...

How about Drea, Fiwa, Mo, Mars.

Either way, they are all cute shoes and a fun time had by all.
Gosh, I couldn't take the heat though. :(
Hubby grows a few assorted peppers in his garden. He is always adding them to whatever he eats. The other night, I made him an omelet and he gave me a few things to stir fry before adding the eggs to the pan. OMG... OMG... whatever pepper it was had us all coughing and sneezing, our noses running. I had to open the windows in the kitchen!

He'd LOVE that fire phoenix roll for sure!!

CrystalChick said...

p.s. I'm left-handed, so if I can manage chop sticks you can too! Keep trying!

Jennifer said...

I can't used chop sticks--at all!

Maricel said...

Yup that was pretty spicy but yummy:) You didn't write about what the texture of that dessert tasted like LOL;) I want to play the shoe game. No fair hehehe

Ace C said...

pointy shoe- you
that shoe with the bow- drea
next drea - marcel
fiwa is showing the leg

Ace C said...

marcel has the bow on her shoe and fiwa has the little strap across.

Ace C said...
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Ace C said...

Here it goes folks:


Live.Love.Eat said...

Sounds like a perfect time with the girls. I enjoy sushi so much with the hubs. You are way too cool BYOC. I never saw that before.

Creole Wisdom said...

Mo! What great shoes you girlies have. Very fun. And I love sushi!

And I have yet to send out your package, it is at my parent's house, and I promise I will get to it! Thanks for being SO patient!!!

kimmyk said...

okay ace has me all confused.

first off, glad you had a good time. i am so jealous that fiwa gets to hang with your lucky! (lucky fiwa lucky indeed!)

now onto the shoes.

pointy shoe is you mo.
fiwa beside you in the square toe/bow.
drea with the mary janes
and mars with the round bow toe.

kimmyk said...

and the butler in the closet with the candlestick holder.

Summer said...

I'm fairly certain that you are the pointed toe, Fiwa is the mary jane, mars rounded, drea square.

I'm so confused.

fiwa said...

Lol! How fun - I'm tickled by the answers. :)

Of course I'm up for more fun - ANYTIME. A little ring o' fire never scared me.

Brad said...

Rounded Bow is Fiwa
Square bow - I'm guessing Drea
Pointed is you
Mary Jane is Mar

and just where was my invite ? Or was this one of those 'girls only' things ?

...just like my sisters....