Monday, August 18, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure returns to the airwaves this evening. Season 4
10:00 PM EST/PST
Anyone else gonna' be watching too?


JJP said...

That looks like a guilty pleasure! What is it? I haven't watched MTV since Martha and JJ Jackson left. HA! (talk about dating oneself...)

Ace C said...

damn shame!

Mo said...

JJP, It is a reality show following a group of 20 somethings as they make their way in the cold harsh world. LOL

You really did age yourself. Those were the days when MTV played pretty much only music videos.

Ace, Ha! You're the one who actually watched part of it last night. I'll catch up tonight and let you know exactly what I believe to be wrong with Heidi's sister.