Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly Challenge #43

This week's challenge is internal. Reflective.

I recognize the need for focus. In all areas of my life.
Focus helps keep me centered and on the track of doing what I do.

Daily I formulate a plan of action and get going.
I make movement toward it.
Whatever it may be.
Some days there is more action than other days but there is movement regardless.

Is there something you've been meaning to accomplish? Something you keep telling yourself you are going to do but haven't yet?
Is there something weighing on your mind you'd rather not have there?

Is there a transformation you'd like to make?
Change your thoughts. Make moves toward another outcome. Block out the noise and distractions. Put one foot in front of the other and watch it flow.

I challenge you to .
Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

Here's my focus, oh no i just lost it becasuse the song on your page talking about booties jumping and titties bouuncing has thrown me off. What the hell are you thinking.

Mo said...

I'm thinking bootie shaking music helps to get me moving. Grooving. You know, that whole one foot in front of the other part of focus.

That's what I am thinking.

Paolo said...

I'm focusing on doing absolutely nothing for the next couple of days.

oh yeah...

Jennifer said...

Is there a drug to help me focus!? I could use something--ha!