Friday, August 15, 2008


Tonight we're gonna' brave the heat at the races and watch
How about you? What do you have planned? I hope something fun!
Peace and Love Peeps.


Creole Wisdom said...

I have always wanted to go to a horse race- mostly the kentucky derby. It's one of my "things to do before I die." Have fun : ) Oh, and I sent your goodies out yesterday- you'll get them soon!

Maricel said...

I hope Scooter wins LOL

Ace C said...

Going to the gym and sleep.

Mo said...

I don't think Emerald Downs is anywehre near the Kentucky Derby but it was a good time!

Maricel, Lucy Liu kicked a**. Scooter would not have stood a chance in his present day. Now back in the day, I bet he would have represented.

Ace, Sorry if I kept you up last night. You were missed at this outing for sure.