Friday, August 15, 2008

Fiwa's Friday Shuffle

I learned yesterday I am a week ahead on Fiwa's shuffle game.

It makes sense after I think about it. How could I be posting my "entry" for this Friday's game today? Uh yea duh Mo, there's your sign.

Anyway, this week I've decided to link the songs to you tube. I've included the actual music video if I was able to locate it. Otherwise, the song and someone's creation is linked for your viewing and auditory pleasure.


1. A'int No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

3. Toes by Norah Jones

4. Clumsy by Fergie

5. Hell Wit Ya by Pink

6. Train Wreck by Sarah McLachlan

8. Better Together by Jack Johnson

9. Best of My Love by The Emotions

10. Cater 2 U by Destiny's Child

Didya' play? Didya'?

And is it just me but when you see or hear the song title for #7 does "me love you long time" enter your thoughts {cue Full Metal Jacket and 2 Live Crew}?

I totally just aged myself didn't I?

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

Lol... Yes, yes you did. :)
But that's ok, you're with friends.

I love that you linked them.

Can I whine for a second? It's 8:15 and I am ROASTING! Ok, that's it, whine over.


Ace C said...

I was in love wit ya, but the hell wit ya cause you didn't want to treat me right.

Yep. Those lyrics right off the top of my dome.

JJP said...

Yep, even before I saw you mention it :)
But I couldn't recall which bloody war flick it was, so thanks! I guess... (isn't FMJ also the one where Vincent D'Onofrio loses it?) I love him.

Mo said...

It took a little while to link but I think it was worth it.

You continue to amaze me with your ability to quote song lyrics, find your way back to some place you've only been to once in the middle of the night, and run like the wind.

Great minds think alike. :)
FMJ is when Vincent goes crazy. Sad but great movie. I may have to see if On Demand has it for free just because.

And my oh my, I spent some time on you tube listening to pretty much every song from Nasty as They Want to Be. We used to jam on it back in the day. High school memories...geez, just dated myself again. LOl