Wednesday, August 20, 2008


First, Happy Hump Day.

This week is flying by. There is a part of me appreciating this and another part SCREAMING, "Wait! I need it to be Monday again. There is so much to be done this week!!!"

I'd like to give a huge (or as T will say I say it - uge) shout out to Mother Nature for bringing the rain, wind, and cooler temps this way.

Last night was a slice of heaven on earth. This morning too.

I was butt tired and went to bed before 10:00 last night. Pick your jaws up y'all. I do go to bed early some days.

I left the window open and snoozed away.

The gentle sound of rain falling in the evergreen outside my window lulled me to sleep.

Love kitty? Only once. 1:14 AM. 3 meows, not even a howl, and she retreated to her spot on my office chair.

I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day, which is a good thing as it is going to be an insanely busy one.

Sis and Mom, thanks for the visit in my slumber. I am not sure where we were going or coming but at least the flight was good and we were together. I'm not hating on the fact you found the perfect pair of slipper socks at the store. The Red Sox slippers playing take me out to the ballpark suit me just fine. (I know, WTF?) Welcome to the world of Bare Minerals makeup. Sorry I knocked it all over the Sephora look alike store.

Dreams can be freaky can't they? I just appreciate the visit from my Mom, being able to spend some time with her and my sister, even if it is only in my subconscious.

I hope things are good in your part of the world too.

Peace and Love Peeps.


rohit said...

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Ace C said...

I just forgot what I was going to say. Who is the genius that happens to be posting several different languages?

fiwa said...

lol... who knows, but he/she thinks Mo is fabulous fantastic, so they must be ok.

Amen on the rain and cooler temps -it was heaven last night.

Cheryl said...

Glad you only got woken once, and better early than later. If I wake any time close to 5:00, I usually don't fall back asleep.

I had some weird dreams. Unfortunately I can't remember any of them.

Paolo said...

Hi Mo-

hope you're well. can we at least get 1 drink session in before summer disaapears?

Oh WTF, it already did disappear!

miss you.



you wrote "WTF?" in regards to your dream, I write to you, "WTF?" in regards to the multiblogingual commentor up top.

loved the mention of 'visit in my slumber..' very cool!



Mo said...

Y'all I have no idea who the multilingual commenter is. I wonder if he'll be back.

Ace, Did you remember yet?

Fiwa, You are so good to me.

Cheryl, Amen sister. When she gets me close to the alarm time I know I should just go ahead and get up.

Paolo, Too funny and yes please at least one!

Elizabeth, Thanks!