Thursday, August 21, 2008

Waving the White Flag

It is official. Finally. About freaking time.

Whatever choice of words you find fitting for the occasion.

I surrendered my Texas driver's license today.

My last tangible tie to Texas is gone.

*Poof* I am now an official resident of the state I live in.

I am certain this happened when I registered to vote years ago but now my license shows another state on it. It's odd for me to see this.

Why now considering I've been in this state for 8 years?

Yes peeps. 8 years.


It will expire this year on my birthday.

So off I went today to make sure I would pass the tests and give myself enough time to study, get new contacts, and practice parallel parking if needed.

I arrived at the local Department of Licensing office; that is what they call it here. I'm used to hearing the DMV but hey, I'm not in the South anymore am I?

About 60 of my fellow residents were in da' house too. I get my little number, experience a small flashback to my Navy wife days, look around to find a seat, and plop myself down in a row of chairs against the window.

It was a dang good thing I grabbed my laptop on the way out of the office. My number was 160. 129 was being called. Uh huh. I immediately start praying the battery will last long enough. Thankfully, it did.

I thought I would have a loooooong wait ahead of me. In actuality it only took about 35 minutes.

35 minutes of which I used to finish a report I needed to by close of business today.

As a matter of fact when the numbers started to fly by, I silently thought to myself, "Slow down. I'm almost done with this file." Weird I know but this is how I roll.

160 is called. I grab my purse, briefcase, and step up to the counter. The DOL dude takes my stuff and is impressed I came prepared. Yea buddy, I researched this about a year ago and again two weeks ago. I've had 8 years to prepare too.

Here, take my TX license.

Here is my electric bill showing you my proof of residence.

Here's my social security card with my second grade signature for your research.

Yes, I am already a registered voter and please do put me down as an organ donor.

Do you really need to know my weight? Fine. I provided a somewhat accurate number. *snicker*

Oh now you want me to put my forehead against the machine and tell you what I see?
Ok, deep breath. You can do this Mo. Read the letters.
Um, y'all...the first two boxes I could see just fine. The third box? It was kind of fuzzy. I pulled back from the machine, squinted my eyes and was about to go for it again when he asked me to look at line A.

Line A is where you determine what colors the circles are (green, yellow, red).

Thank you, thank you, thank you DOL dude. I think you may have gone easy on me for the vision test and I appreciate it.

After I looked at some blinking lights and paid my $45.00, I took a seat and waited to be called up to get the dreaded picture taken.

The three people in front of me did not smile. All I could think was their pictures were going to come out looking like a mug shot.

Me? I'll take my chances and be the goofy girl with the big ole smile.

I step up, toed the line, and prepared for the camera.

I smiled pretty.

I smiled big.

I asked the guy how many people smile or don't and his reply was 50-50. He said mine came out very nice and if he were a law enforcement officer looking at my picture, he'd smile and let me go because I look so very happy in my shot.

Mmmmkay. What I look like is a laughing hyena. My eyes are squinty and my cheeks are puffed out from the cheesy smile.

Yea, that's me. Laughing all the way, bringing the party where ever I go, including the DMV/DOL, and being a little less than truthful about my current weight.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

That' a pretty good post if I say so myself. Actually brought back memories from when I had to get one. Lucky for you, you didn't have to take the whole test like I did. And guess what soon I'll have to do it here too.

Cheryl said...

I've got a big old smile on my face after reading this post. Well done! I've had my licence picture taken more than most because I tend to lose them. Don't ask. One time I practiced my smile. I did my hair just right. I determined a closed-mouth smile would be best. NOT! I was glad I lost that one. I got to talking to the guy taking my information. He turned the computer to me and I saw license pictures from many years. It was a trip down memory lane. My younger days. I've got a great picture now and hope not to lose this license.

Summer said...

How I hate the DMV. But you made it sound fun. Did you feel sad at all giving up your Texas license?

Mo said...

Guess I should write more in the conversational style. LOL

Cheryl, I am putting the vibe out there you don't lose this one!

Summer, I was a tad sad. {sigh}