Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Night Montage

I arrive home with grand designs to hit the gym.

Then I remembered.


I remembered I needed to put a report together I completely forgot about today. So much for focus 'eh?

If it's not on the task list with a little reminder popping up with a nasty alarm, I can forget such things. Hey, I never claimed to have the memory of an elephant. I'm organized out of necessity.

Anyhow, I take the laptop out of my briefcase, grab a glass of tea, and get down to business. I set up shop on my craft/dining room table.

See, Jasmine had herself firmly planted in my desk chair. I recognize the pecking order around these parts. She wants the chair. She gets the chair.

Once she figured out I was home and sitting down, she demanded attention. I know my place. Let her do her thing and the meows are kept to a minimum. However, doing so makes for an inefficient work flow.

Yeah, put your arms around her and attempt to cut, copy, paste, and type at the speed of light. It is not going to happen y'all. No matter how hard you try. The pace is going to be slow but it is all good because it is good to be loved and how stinking cute is she?

Smart girl. She did switch positions when I turned the TV on. She's not gonna miss one bit of the action either.

I need to pause for a moment and let my inner man come out.

Tonight? It is Monday night football baby! Preseason yes but Monday night football nonetheless. The gym is definitely out of the equation now.

Now if someone would come over with ice cold beer, bring meat (steak preferred) and rub my lower back, I'd really be happy.

I said let my inner man come out remember?

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

kisses to the smarty kitty!

Wait, I think I'm gender confused... I thought it was WOMEN who liked their lower back rubbed?

Ace C said...

Minus 2 for not making it to the gym. They have TVs there. I'm calling the police.

Summer said...

Have you made any new note cards lately?

Charlene said...

I could go for a foot rub about rite now...

Mo said...

Fiwa, She gives you kisses back and I guess only part of my inner man came out.

Ace, You can minus 2 me all you want. My 24 doesn't have tv by the cardio. All the machines face the windows looking out in the parking lot. This isn't Vegas you know.

I didn't even want to fight with the biddies in the clubhouse. They've been taking over lately.

Summer, Sadly not anything worth sending out. I am hoping for a creative burst over the long weekend. I've done the quick happy bday and thank yous only.

Charlene, Foot rubs are always welcome.