Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hang in There

Hang in there with me peeps.

I promise I will post those missing entries I spoke of Monday soon.

I think I am going to work in reverse order.

This means tonight, after another warm day, I plan on writing about Sushi Sunday and gift loot with Fiwa.

In case you're wondering how I am doing, I'm getting there. I wouldn't necessarily say I am back in the saddle again but the sadness is slowly dissipating.

Thank you for your words of support, encouragement, and love. Each and everyone of you ROCK!

Life can be crazy. Right now it is for both of us, him more so than me. It helps knowing we care for one another and are remaining friends. I trust God knows what is best and everything, this included, eventually works out as it is meant to be. {sigh}

I'll see y'all later. For now I have to grab some grub and take on the rest of the afternoon.

Peace and Love Peeps.


CrystalChick said...

Glad things are getting a little better for you.
Looking forward to hearing about Sushi Sunday and Fiwa's gifts!

Hang in there, things really do work for out the best. Peace, M

fiwa said...

Wouldn't it be nice though, to have x-ray vision so we could SEE the long-range plan?

Hang in there. I hear you might get more rain on Saturday!

lovins -

wendy said...

hey! so glad to see you're going to have some fun gal-pal time this weekend too.

take care!

Cheryl said...

I'm staying tuned. Take care of YOU, OK?