Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sneek Peak

Instead of sharing the frustrating parts of my day with ya', I thought you might like a glimpse of the conversations Ace and I have. Via text that is.

I need something to get my thoughts off of the frustrations of the day and since most of you have gone over and checked him out, why not share a bit of us with you?

This is a running chat from the last day or so.

Ace = A M = Mo


A: Green Light by John Legend
M: Is he dropping an album soon
A: I like the single
A: So What by Pink
M: I'll ck it out
A: Take You There by Donnie Klang
M: I want the rest of the story dammit
A: LOL. Get back to crunching numbers. After my nap.
M: Sheesh
A: Dropping a duece then a nap
M: LOL. Thanks for sharing
A: You bet
A: Working on that blog
M: Long ass nap
A: LOL. It's a long post. Thinking breaking it til tomorrow.
M: No you don't. You tease us too much the fans will run. Play for a little.
A: LOL. I'm trying to finish. I need a Jared break.
M: Oooh sammich sounds good.
M: Beer and steak would be better
A: It'll be up by 9
M: Ok
M: Green Light is the jam!
A: I know. That what I said. Watch the video too.
M: I am right now.
M: Andre looks goofy
M: Donnie is making the band right?
A: Yea
M: Diddy is all up this video
A: LOL. Yea he is
M: Both on itunes?
A: Yea. And Pink's So What
M: I've got downloading to do and jams I'm diggin on updates to do LOL
A: LOL. I like the Pink. That's my new workout tune. Takes a little to get into it
M: I want to start a fight
M: It's nine. I want my post
A: Still writing. Almost done
M: I'm going to bed. Got to get up at 5. Made me wait again. Pfft
A: LOL. Proofreading as we speak. 5 more minutes
A: Posted
M: Holy shit. A second date?
A: LOL. You just finished reading
M: I woke up for it LOL
A: LOL. Go to bed
M: I like her already. LOL
A: LOL. Jokes. Yea, I have to go back and edit I think. It's a lot of story.
M: It's a good one
A: LOL. Go to bed
M: K
A: I'm going to beat the shit out of this guy
M: What did he do now?
A: What didn't he do?
M: Leave the house. Go see your honey
A: LOL. Going to the gym in a little
M: Calm down yet?
A: I'm about to start blogging about it. I was and then I get here and he is doing the computer connection with his friend and the whole house can hear it
M: How many more days?
A: About XX
M: You can do it!
A: I can kick his ass!
M: I know you can but Tyrese needs to keep looking pretty
A: LOL. Jokes
M: Remember you're a lover not a fighter
A: Shid. Not when in Rome
A: He's a xxxxxx
M: Rise above it. Karma can be a bitch
A: Well call her and tell her to get her ass over here
M: Sending the vibe LOL
A: He just turned it up
M: Alone yet?
A: In peace
M: Thank god. Praise the lord. *doing my best church lady*
A: That's what I said
M: But did you do the church lady? You gotta do the church lady
M: Old school Magnum PI on TV. Cracking up. Make it stop!
A: Watching Making the Band
A: Yea
M: I've got G's to Gents on MTV. WTF
A: I dvr
M: Should've known
M: Get me all excited and then...
M: Pick a color
A: Yellow
M: Ck the blog in a bit
A: Ok
M: I'll let you know
A: Ok

We're all over the place as you can see. The first text was at 12:45 PM 08/25 and the last one was at 10:30 tonight.

In between the texts there was one phone call when I was on my way to Trader Joe's.

One of the things I love best about our friendship is anything goes. I hope you have relationships like ours in your life too. They make life good.

Peace and Love Peeps.
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Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey Mo. You guys seem like a whole lotta fun! Thanks for the blogby. I'm sure we'd have a good time eating, drinking and getting pedicures all the while!!!!!!

fiwa said...

It's good to have a friend that can distract you, isn't it?

Ace C said...

Lol. FIWA I never distract her. She spends all the time distracting me. I'm the normal one.

Mo said...

Fiwa, Ace is in denial.

Brad said...

Ace proofreads? Who'da thunk!

I know, that was mean...


Mo said...

Hee Hee, Brad's got my back!