Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Damn Cat

Welcome home mama. You think you can work but I have other ideas.

Peace and Love Peeps. T and I are off to get some chicken fried steak. Yum-O. Don't hate.


kimmyk said...

pretty kitty.
i love chicken fried chicken, but never had chicken fried steak. that's sort of an odd name for it don'tcha think? wonder where that came from.

Liz Ness said...

Love chicken-fried-steak...also, your kitty is beautiful! Smart, too, heh-heh!

Mo said...

Yum. Chicken fried chicken. I have not had that in years. Good stuff.

Kim, I can't believe you have not had chicken fried steak. We need to change that one of these days.

Liz, It is such a bad treat isn't it?

Smart kitty? Pretty yes but smart...? Mama has to make a living. She gets loving all the time so you would think she would give me a break. It is nice to be loved and missed though.