Thursday, September 13, 2007


And it feels so FANTASTIC.

Well, except for my swollen feet. How the heck that happened to the degree they did is beyond my comprehension.

I drank a ton of water and as we (boss man and I) always do, watched our sodium intake.

The worst part? It hurts. My skin is stretched to the max. Cankles be damned!

Maricel and T, As I type this my feet are elevated. How long will it take for relief? I hope I wake up to some sense of normalcy.

I am back on the road tomorrow. At least this is a day trip but do I really have to be in the car and driving north at 6:00 AM?


I just might fall the eff out come Friday y'all.

That's probably going to me except my headset is more Janet Jackson style and there is no ring on any of my fingers. Oh, and my hair is darker.

I'm not complaining...simply saying.

Before I go, I'd like to send a little shout out to the peeps at Delta for tracking me down in the baggage claim area to give me back the book I was reading.

I was in such a hurry to get off the plane that in my haste to make a mad dash to the bathroom, I accidentally left it behind in the seat pocket. I didn't realize this until I was doing my business. Good thing I had my boarding pass in with the bookmark huh?

Peace and Love Peeps. Bed time for Mo...


kimmyk said...

glad you're home!

tomorrow is Friday and you'll be able to rest this weekend.

i was gonna say, your hair is darker. and you don't wear that dark of lipstick. you're much hotter.


wendy said...

welcome home! I hope you have NOTHING planned for this weekend.

Mo said...

Ahh Kim, You are too good to me.

Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weekend.

Wendy, Thanks!

Saturday is football watching at a friends and chores/errands.

Sunday a group of us are taking a field trip to the zoo.

Back on the road come Monday morning...