Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You Have Mail

I couldn't figure out where the fire was today. By this I mean Ace was blowing up my phone with text messages today to see if I was home yet.

Now I know why. These were waiting for me in the mail.

I love surprises like this.

I love when your friends are so excited about sending you bits of sunshine they almost can't contain their excitement and give it away.

I love when someone sends you a bit of love and that bit of love is all about what is important, near and dear to who you are.

You hit the mark buddy. I am so very thankful you took the time to get me the books, mail them, and to make sure I got them today, especially considering I do usually only check my mail once a week.

I love you. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.


Ace C said...

I got brownie points!

wendy said...

I totally love sending notes and gifts in the mail! most people only get bills, so something unexpected is the ultimate thoughtful gift in my book.

Cracks me up about the texts though. =) It is hard to contain all the excitement when you're waiting for the person to get the surprise!

Mo said...

Ace, You don't need brownie points.

Wendy, Me too! I try to send little bits of love in the mail, when I have time. How bad is it that I schedule time on my calendar sometimes to do so?