Sunday, September 23, 2007

Southern Cooking in the Northwest

Last night Ace and I checked out a local eatery and took in a movie.

We are both from the South. I am from Texas and he is from Louisiana. Needless to say, we have some pretty high standards when the restaurant is called the Southern Kitchen and comes highly recommended.

From the outside, it doesn't look like much.

The inside reminded us of being in a family member's kitchen.
The food? Even though you can't consider it heart healthy, it is nothing short of AMAZING!

Everything is cooked from scratch. You can tell.

First up, as is the norm with good ole' down home cooking, cornbread.

I have not experienced corn bread in the form of a flap jack before. I added butter and honey and got down to business.

Next up? Fried okra dontcha' know.
Ace doesn't like okra but he ate the breading from one piece. Silly me. I thought everyone liked okra.

Because neither one of us could decide between chicken or fish, we shared two meals. I would have gotten the chicken fried steak but my inner voice said leave this for a trip with T. We have a thing with chicken fried steak.

This is Ace's choice of cajun catfish with cornbread dressing, greens, rice and gravy. He inhaled. Made our waitress very happy to see a clean plate. Just like home y'all.
I ordered chicken with mashed taters and gravy with cornbread dressing and red beans.
Oh and I would be remiss to not point out the strawberry lemonade we both ordered. It was extremely sweet. Ace took a drink first and said you could tell it was black folk's lemonade and I would be able to tell once I took a drink. He wasn't kidding.

The chicken and the catfish were perfection. Lightly fried. Crisp. Oh, and the cornbread dressing....I have no words to do it justice.

We were stuffed beyond a turkey on Thanksgiving day but we had to do dessert.

Ace selected sweet potato pie. He added whip cream later.
Me? The peach cobbler of course! Had some for breakfast today too.
Another thing I learned from this outing is Ace doesn't like cooked fruit. And peaches cooked? Keep those away from him. He did take some of the crust I shared with him though.
We high tailed it to the movie theater and took in
It was funny. Raunchy funny. There were times when you want to look away from the screen for fear of what you might actually see. Allow me to say I will never look at a grapefruit the same way.
On the menu today? I was supposed to go boating with Hasse and Maricel today and then head over to Sunday dinner with T, Snookums and the rest of the family but I have too much to do before I get on a jet plane early in the morning tomorrow.
Cue up Willy. I am on the road again. Last minute trips result in a Sunday afternoon of pulling numbers and putting a presentation together.
Good times people. Good times.
Hope things are good in your world.
Peace and Love Peeps.


wendy said...

You've had tons of fun (and food!) this weekend! WOW!

I think that movie looks really funny, so I'm going to have to add it to the list now.

Ace C said...

This is too funny. I still feel bloated. It might be time for another duece dropping!

kimmyk said...

omg. i love me some southern food. okra was a staple in georgia. good stuff.

dont like sweet potato pie much but omg pass me the cobbler!