Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend in Review

After a nice long day of work, I will be treated to
and dinner with Maricel and her hubby.

Tomorrow morning I have some work to finish. Post this it is off to have my hair cut and colored. Afterward, dinner with T and Kyla.

Sunday will be a day of rest. Sleeping in. Football. Overdue cleaning and laundry.

Oh and somewhere in there I need to get to the grocery store. I am totally out of food. This is not an understatement y'all.

What do you have going on this fine fall weekend?


kimmyk said...

football tonight and tomorrow morning with my favorite son. [my only son lol] then it's off to a scrapbooking crop party and then sunday abbie and i are getting massages and pedi/manicures. then it's back to work on monday.

kimmyk said...

have a great weekend mo!

wendy said...

football game tonight, and rest this weekend. I've been sick all week! yuck!

Um. You need to hire a housekeeper. It will save your life. Trust me. =)