Saturday, September 22, 2007

Too Much Trauma for One Table

Too much trauma for one table.

Words not usually spoken by your waiter. Words you don't want to hear from your waiter.

Words we (Snookums, T, Ace, and I) heard at Red Robin last night from Nate, the C.D.T., which stands for certified designated trainer.

In his words, we got the best to wait on us. Um, I would say being a C.D.T. does not mean the best service. Not on this visit at least. Maybe we looked like we were having enough fun he could wait on other tables or something with said superb service.

What we got, in actuality, was a lot of laughs, not such great service from the kitchen according to Nate, and a visit from a very nervous manager named Steve who decided to almost motor boat me when we had to call him back to the table to get our garlic fries for free.

First, some pictures for you.

The view from my car as I made the trek over to Bremerton and Silverdale. My windshield is not dirty; what you are seeing is rain drops.

Ace goofing. There are pictures are of T and Snookums but out of respect for their privacy there will be no posting for your viewing enjoyment.

After much ribbing, I did indeed get the full size Santa Fe burger. I usually order a salad or a petite size burger. They would let me have none of that last night.

And yes, I ate it with a fork and knife. Everyone else was pretty much done with their fries and burgers by the time I got around to cutting into my hunk of dead cow. Does that look like it was cooked medium to you?

I like to eat my fries first so they don't get cold. I cut almost everything with a fork and a knife. Know it. Love it. Deal with it. That is how I roll.

What is a trip to Red Robin without a birthday song and sundae? Snookums decided to "surprise" me with this diddy and a song.

Nate tried to front and say he knew it wasn't anyone's birthday. I had to correct him.

Ok. Technically my birthday was on the 6th. This was the first time back in Red Robin since then. Not too much of a stretch of the truth right?

Thankfully the three tables of Navy or Marine younguns had left by this time. Right next to us were three tables of peeps who decided every time the birthday song was sung they had to clap and join in. Very loudly. At least they were having a good time right? But when you have to yell your order to the waiter standing right next to you, good times be damned.
My cell phone didn't die the other week. Before we go forward, allow me to call myself out. The battery wasn't all the way attached. I know. In some regards I am electronically challenged. Hush it.

It is true Big Red is an older model. It still has an antenna and can stand up all by itself. Can yours do that?

It is not super skinny. It is not a crackberry. Does this make it any less of a good phone? I think not.

Like I said before, service is good. I can text. Take pictures. Surf the net. Use the walkie talkie feature with other readylink users.

It works. You know the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well y' ain't broke. No matter the amount of peer pressure and poking fun I receive, until this one stops working, I am not spending money to get a new one.

With that being said, do not get any ideas about killing it for me a'right? Now if you want to hook me up with a free one, we can talk.

You might be wondering where the free garlic fries and potential motor boating comes in.

I wanted some con queso. It was ordered but never arrived. Nate said the kitchen was out. He got riled up because no one made him aware of the situation. No worries. Just bring us the burgers and the extra charge garlic fries and we will call it good.

The burgers and fries arrive but guess what? No garlic fries. Nate said he was going back to the kitchen and was going to "kick some ass". The food runner got all excited by that comment.

Nate sent over Steve. He fidgeted. He blinked...a lot. He wouldn't make eye contact. He bent at the waist and said he would give us our garlic fries for free.

When the bill came, the extra charge was still on there. All .49 cents of it. At this point we felt we couldn't let it go. Especially since Ace didn't get garlic on his fries.

Steve came back to the table and in his quest to make the situation right, just about motor boated me. Allow me to say, I think he would have enjoyed it much more than I would have.

We left a nice tip when all was said and done. That should make up for the comment Ace left on the top of the bill that totally negated my have a nice night Nate sentiment.

Ace says things like this only happen when he is with me. T is fond of saying only with Mo.

Consider yourself warned if we share a meal or do something together. It can, and most likely will, turn into an adventure. You can count on a lot of laughs for sure.

Trauma? Not so much. Smiles, memories, and good times? Absolutely.

Peace and Love Peeps.

PS - Football update...The Ohio State and Northwestern game bored me. I am glad I switched over to the OSU and Texas Tech game. Now this is some college ball at its best!

Hook 'Em Horns!!! Beat the effing tar out of Rice. No repeats from last week please. Thank you.


wendy said...

sounds like a fantastic night of debauchery. =) Now, what on earth would bring you to Bremerton??

Mich. won, PTL, now if those danged yankees would just LOSE sometime!!!

Mo said...

Bremerton is where the peeps live. It is only fair I go there too.

Horns and Buckeyes won too. I still root for the Mariners but I have given up on the chances of them going further. Doesn't stop me from going to the game Friday night though.