Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday: Work. Massage at Maricel's. Dinner and drinks with Kyla and Maricel at The Rock. Round of drinks, tunes, and laughs with Maricel, Kyla, Ace and friend at our Cheers. Sleep after 2:30 AM.

Saturday: Up at 6:30 AM to work. Haircut, color, wax with Kyla and T. Shopping w T. I picked up a pair of jeans, four pairs of earrings, a black sweater dress, a houndstooth hat, a wrist wallet, a water bottle, a lounging outfit, and of course...groceries. She got a cardigan, long sleeve hoodie shirt, and a pair of ballet flats. Sleep after 3:30 AM.

Sunday: Slept in until noon. Spent the day somewhat relaxing. Took my time reading the Sunday paper. Did five loads of laundry. Balanced checkbook. Took a nap. Cooked dinner. Cooked food for the next two to three days. Didn't step foot out of the casa. Didn't answer the phone or send a single text. Watched some tv (Brett, you done good. Jess was the right choice.). Relished in the alone and inside time.

'Bout to head to bed after putting away a load of laundry but before I do...for your viewing pleasure once again...

Don't you just love the double chin, bun, and fresh faced look I am sporting? It is oh so flattering isn't it?

Jasmine decided hanging out on my shoulder and looking at the lap top was the next best thing to sitting on it while I tried to get some work done.

She is called love kitty for a reason.

Here is my best impression of a walrus.

In passing, not too long ago, I mentioned I felt like my nose hairs were getting crazy and I'd been clipping 'em. Kyla told me we could wax them the next time I was in. Don't knock it 'till you try it.

You will be shocked with how much come out of the little nostril area. It doesn't hurt. Seriously. I wouldn't lie about this. I warn you of this; if you go into a rank ass bathroom post the wax, you will smell more than you ever thought possible or want to.

Now that you have had a good laugh at my expense, make it a good one.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

sounds like a great weekend to me!

nice walrus face you nut!!!

wendy said...

Nice before and after.

Waxing looks scary - I'll let you be the guinea pig on that one.

Ace C said...

TMS- Too much showing!