Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Last night Kyla told me Cosmo says still pictures on your blog is out.

I say, being out is the new in.
I will be a rebel.
I will continue to post the stills.
It is what we have known to come and love.
The above pictures are from last night. Maricel, Kyla, and I had dinner at The Rock. Then we met Ace and and a friend at our local Cheers.
And in case you really didn't believe my fridge is empty, the proof is in the picture.
Peace and Love Peeps. Off to get my hair done and shop with T.


wendy said...

I haven't been there, is that a pizza place? There's one opening here soon. Right next to a gym of all places. ;-)

Shopping? Grocery shopping for your poor fridge?

kimmyk said...

OMG. Those drinks are in a bucket. Holy hell!

Pizza looks yummy!!!

Mo said...

Wendy, It is a pizza place. They have good sandwiches and pasta too.

Kim, The buckets are dangerous. There is a two bucket limit for a reason.

Pizza was delicious. Great the next morning for breakfast too.

Paolo said...

You know, I agree. forget being "in". More importantly, be: YOU and defy standards made by others. Especially by COSMO.

Mo said...

Amen Paolo. Amen!