Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 1

Look away. Stop reading now if you are not fond of natural alternatives and poo.

T likes to say I am obsessed with poo. It is true I talk about it often. I let my peeps know when I need to go. I tell them how love kitty is doing in the poo department. We celebrate bowel movements in Mo's world.

My thoughts on poo? Simple. It is a common bond connecting all humans. Rich...poor...black...white...male...female...gay...straight...young...old - we make POO.

Some of us go more than others. Some of us look at what is left behind. Regardless, we all do it.

For the record, because I have a feeling you might want to know, I poo about three to four times a day. I usually don't look at what is left behind because I am a courtesy flusher so by the time I am done doing my business, it has already been flushed away.

According to medical experts, our poo can tell a lot about what is going on with our bodies, our health. If you subscribe to natural cures, alternative health options, homeopathic remedies, etc., you know a colon cleanse and natural detox can be a good thing.

After talking with Maricel, who has cleansed before, and spending a few hours researching which program/product was voted safest and the best, I settled on this program. Today is day 1.

I thought I would let ya' in on this in case I start talking about my poo.

Could be interesting based on the testimonials and pictures folks have posted about their experiences.


kimmyk said...

I tried, I got about a forth of the way down, and had to put down my hot pocket and look away.

i heart you, but i'm tryin' to eat right now so i'mma have to come back in a few.

kimmyk said...

Mo if you have seaweed falling out of your butt will you let us know?

That looks like it might be a good thing. Jamie's interested-let me know how it goes. Oh weigh yourself would ya. I'm curious if you lose a lot of weight cleaning all that junk out.

Monica said...

I'm glad you brought this up...I've been having a hard time since I started Jenny Craig. Nothing like processed food to back the pipes up...NOT a good feeling!

Mo said...

I will! I am not sure if I will be fishing stuff out of the bowl and taking pictures but I will be sure to let you know. Guess this means I won't be courtesy flushing for a while.

Funny about the weighing in. I did this morning and will be keeping track.

If this stuff works the way the website says, I should be gobs lighter right?

Ouchie! I hope you clear out soon. You are sooo right. It is not a good feeling.