Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boo Hiss

Last time I checked I was a grown ass woman and was out of high school.

You know the pettiness, the prank calls, the slashing of the tires was behind me.

Obviously I was wrong.

We all remember when someone slashed all four of my tires this past November right?

Let's fast forward to yesterday afternoon shall we?

My phone rings while I am engaged in a work conversation with two of the managers here in the office. I hear my cell phone ring with the tell tale ring of an unidentified call. Calls coming in from our Portland office have such a ring so at first I thought nothing of it. I'm not one to drop what I am doing or ignore the live person in favor of running to answer the phone. You'll leave a message if it's important right?

We finish our conversation and I take another call on my office line. My cell phone rings with the unidentified ring tone again. I decide after my office line call I should call boss man to see if it was him trying to get in touch with me and he tells me no, that if he really needed me he would have left a message or sent me a text.

So, about twenty minutes later the cell rings again with the unidentified ring tone. I can finally answer the call and before I do, I notice it says private.

Um, ok. Let's see who is playing around with *67.

Me: "Hi, this is Mo."

Silence for about three seconds.

Them in a female voice: "How is Pete?"

Me: In a nice tone, "Excuse me?"

Them: Click

Seriously? Are you kidding me? Didn't we leave this behind years ago?

And I am just saying if you went to all the trouble to block your call and try to call me three times in exactly one hour, is that all you wanted to say? Is that all you could come up with?

So, god forbid if something should happen to me, y'all write down the date of 03/13/07 and let the authorities know I got private calls on my cell phone at 4:28 PM, 4:51 PM, and 5:28 PM. I didn't recognize the voice. All I can tell you is it was female.

Peace and Love Peeps. Keep an eye out for me. I just might need ya' to have my back a'right?


kimmyk said...

Crazy ass bitches in the world I tell ya. You have a car alarm on your car and all that jazz? Did you ask him about them? Juvenile. Sad. I got your back...even though I'm a 1000 miles away.

suburban mom said...

Oh my. That is horrible.

And I've got my nung-chucks ready if you need 'em.

Mo said...

Thanks ladies. You are the best.