Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life is Precious

I am driving to work this morning and was reminded of how very precious life is.

How it can be taken from us in an instant.

Traffic was backed up, which is highly unusual for this time of the morning, for the road I was on. I could see the flashing lights and then I saw the yellow tape, the investigators, the wreckage. I came upon the remains of a fatality accident.

In a flash, accidents happen. Here one minute just doing our thing and then bam, life can change or end in an instant.

I said a quick prayer for the person who passed and for their family. And now I am saying a prayer of thanks for being here, for being safe, and for keeping my loved ones safe too.

I'm sending huge hugs out to all of you. Thank god I get to see Pete in a few hours so I can get and give a hug too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

PS: On a lighter note, we didn't see Zodiac last night. Did you know that movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes long? We are going to wait until it comes out on DVD. We opted to see Shooter instead. Yummy Mark Wahlberg. Good action movie. Suspended reality for a bit. Then we went to The Spot. I'm on the mend folks. I actually stayed out until 1:45 AM and had a couple of drinks. Woo wee. I was starting to worry. :)


kimmyk said...

Sorry to hear about the accident and you witnessing all that. It sucks that it takes a fatality to put ones life in perspective, huh?

I'm glad to hear you got to have some fun. 1:45AM? HA, I don't think so. It's been YEARS since I've been up that late.

Mo said...

Yep. It does suck for it be something of that magnitude to put it in perspective.

You better get in training for your visit. I'm going to keep you up late and you are going to like every minute of it :)