Friday, March 23, 2007

I Get It Already!

I'm not ready to give up the good fight yet.

What fight is that Mo you might be asking yourself right now.

The fight I am not ready to give up but am coming to terms with is the battle of the gray hair.

I got my first gray hair when I was fourteen.

Lately they have been coming in faster and faster. Y'all already know I color and cut my hair, without fail, every 7 weeks. I schedule those durn appointments each November for the following year cuz that's just how I roll.

But as I am driving to my weekly "date" with the eye doc, I notice all of the gray mixed in. Tons of it. Like overnight it up and grew babies. I just got my hair done two weeks ago. How could this be?

So, I am going rock the gray mixed in with the highlights because seriously, what else can I do? Well, I guess I could dye my hair all over and then add the highlights but then I'd be doing a lot of damage I didn't need to and spending even more money.

Ho Hum...fighting the aging process is a no brainer. It's gonna win every time.

On another note, eye doc is putting back in the RX for my right eye I had a month ago. This time I get to wear that contact for 30 days and then come back and see him. I told him today I felt a little bit like he was breaking up with me. To go from seeing each other once a week to nothing for the next 30 days, oh my! How will I survive?

He laughed and said he'd miss me too but he was sure we would be seeing each other again. Yep. You got that right Dr. Hwahn.

I'm off to finish up a bit of work, get nekkid in the tanning bed, have dinner with Kyla, and meet up with Marisol and her husband to see Zodiac.

Have any of you seen it yet? Jake is such eye candy so that in itself will be worth the trip in the wind and rain.

Tomorrow I am working for a bit. I am finally going to tackle some of those lingering deadlines and get my work desk under control. Then Pete and I are going to have lunch before I get my facial. Tomorrow night I am doing laundry and most likely will start on my Easter cards. Sunday is wide open for now, which is most likely what I am going to need.

What about you? What do you and yours have going on? Whatever it is, I hope you are well.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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