Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Top of the Day

Do you have an AM routine?

I do.

It tends to vary from time to time but what doesn't change is sitting at my home desk, going over what is in store for the day, checking voicemail (I have 3 for work; crazy I know), and more often than not, checking both work and personal email while enjoying a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

This morning for breakfast I had a glass of chai tea, a gala apple, and a bowl of smart start cereal with low fat plain soy milk.

That's my home desk. It is messy as all get out. I really do need to organize it.

There is my trusty red cell phone, which never seems to be far away from me. Do you suffer from that addiction too?

The envelope on the far corner of the desk is the Met Life paperwork I need to mail today to cancel the life insurance policy for the ex.

Under the rock is yesterday's mail.

The far right corner of the picture is a glimpse of the ten key a bean counter can't work without with a magazine and items to be filed sitting under it.

What you don't see is the lamp, scanner, more items to be filed, the broadband box, speakers, the handy dandy pen, pencil, utensil holder, the power hub, and printer. Past all that is the fax machine, extra paper and file storage center.

Exciting times I know. But hey, it is the details of the everyday that make us who we are right?

On another note, wish me luck today. I have my follow up doctor appointment. No blood to be drawn today but a chest x ray and whatever else the doctor decides is in order.

Can you believe it has been a month already? Time sure does fly.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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kimmyk said...

How'd the doctors appt go?

My daily routine? Pray I get to work on time, but try to hit McDonalds on my way to get a XLarge iced tea. That usually gets me through til noon then I get another biggie one.