Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Tales

This will be completely random.

No rhyme or reason as to what or why I am sharing.

Are you ready?

Yea, me too.

I am still not on my game. I got the date, even though it is on my kitchen wall calendar and a reminder is set in my palm, mixed up.

See, Sunday night I put my water bottles out for pick up thinking the Crystal Springs dude was coming by Monday morning. Monday morning of the 12th .

When I got up this morning and noticed the bottles were still outside the door I called to determine when the next delivery was and … drum roll please … it is not until Monday the 19th.

Um, how many more reminders does one need? Think I will remember to put them out next Sunday? Stay tuned to see.

Does anyone else have random thoughts of needing to do their dishes, pick up, make their bed, take out the trash, etc. before they leave the house in the morning just in case? You know, just in case something happens to you and someone comes into your house and sees how you live?

Maybe I am weird like that but I just don’t feel right leaving if there are dishes in the sick, an overflowing trash situation, and stuff out of place. Those of you who know me in real life know the bed is always made unless I am in it or Princess won’t move her hairy little butt from the other side of the bed pillows.

Oh no she didn’t just tell us and oh no they did not celebrate with a cupcake and candle moment. Peeps, I had my first normal poo-e two days in a row. It’s been over a month and y’all this is big. Huge. (Yes T, I still say it without the H.)

So my beaotch K thought this was deserving of a celebration. She brought me a cupcake with a candle last night. We did it up right. Yum.

I’m really starting to feel sorry for the next door neighbor’s doggie. It must be all kinds of lonely, bored, pissy. The darn thing barks like there is no tomorrow for at least an hour after his daddy leaves him in the morning. Maybe I should tell him to leave the TV on or something. He knows he barks and apologizes all the time. I’m ok with it. I’m just starting to feel bad for the little champ.

So I finally got around to being creative. I made some thank you and St. Patrick’s Day cards, which are being mailed today. And guess what popped up on the side of my thumb? Something that hasn’t been around in quite some time? Here’s a hint. It’s dry, itchy, and a little bit red.

Did you guess eczema? Good for you. Thank god I still have my tube of ointment from the dermatologist. I was like, “Oh hell no” and proceeded to apply that greasy ointment all over my thumb.

I don’t know if the two are connected but the timing is coincidental enough for me to think so.

Right this moment Sweet Home Alabama is playing on my iPod. No matter how old that song is or how many times I hear it, I ROCK out to it. Picture me at my desk doing a little dance and singing for you. That’s it. You feel it too don’t you? Don’t deny. I can see you. I hear you too. Let it riiiiiiip. Ya’ know you want to.

I’m laying in bed reading a paperback book from the library last night. I love me the public library oh yes I do. But I got to thinking, upon seeing a full on lower bite mark impression at the top of one of the chapters, we really don’t have any idea who has read this book before us and what their habits are.

Seriously. A bite mark impression? What was someone doing? Were they in the tub and couldn’t put the book in their hands so the only alternative was to use their mouth? Were they in pain and needed something to bite? Were they hungry and taking a bite suppressed the hunger pain?

I finished the book but not before I lysoled the heck out of the rest of the book. Nasty. Might be a little too late but makes me look at borrowing from the public in a whole ‘nother light.

Hope you enjoyed the trip through today’s Tuesday. I have to get back to work. It’s extremely busy up around here today. I will be working late but at least I have dinner with my friend and massage therapist and her husband tonight to look forward to. Plus, she’s going to rub this little tense body down afterward. For free. Well, she asked for chocolate in return so she’s getting tons of it and I’ve slipped some cash in the gift bag of goodies too.

Slices of heaven. Love ‘em. Hope your day is filled with some too.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

So they weren't suppose to pick up the water on the 12? OR they were and forgot?

I always race around cleaning my house up before I leave or usually at night then pick up real quick before I walk out just incase...incase of what? I don't know, but I do it too. I blame it on my OCD.

What kind of cupcake did you get?

Mo said...

The water pick up is not until 03/19. I got the dates mixed up.

Ha Ha. You have the just in case OCD's too. *Doing happy dance I am not alone in this big world*

The cupcake was yellow cake mix with white icing. I'm a simple girl what can I say?