Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Bit of This

Ok, so yesterday I said I would tell you about St. Paddy's. There really is not much to tell. I went to take a nap and didn't wake up until well after 2:00 AM.

Yea Boy! I pub crawled...Not. I asked about the night and found out all I missed was lots of Guinness and some of those beer induced conversations. They all woke up feeling like crud and I woke up refreshed. Good choice on my part I think.

Sunday was the build-a-bear trip. It was so much fun and I almost wanted to make one too but I refrained. After all, the trip was for the girls. I promised I wouldn't post pictures of the finalized product but I can tell you they were so freaking adorable. The girls and the build-a-bears.

A chose a husky and outfitted her in a blue jean skirt with sparkles, a blue t shirt with sparkles, a pair of pink panties, a pink purse, and a pink and gray cammo hat. She named her Sophi. I am not sure why we left the e off of Sophie but hey, it was her birth certificate and who am I to argue with a 7 year old.

C chose a hello kitty. No surprise there and outfitted her in the same blue jean skirt with sparkles, a pink hello kitty sparkly t shirt, a different pink purse, and a pair of red panties. She named her Chloe.

A's plays the happy birthday song when you push the paw and C's says I love you.

Daddy did a great job by one, going to the mall in the first place and two, negotiating with the girls as to what they could get on this trip. I had no idea there was so much freaking stuff to choose from but it makes sense when you think of the store's concept.

After leaving the mall we hit up the bookstore and then went back to their place to bbq and have a picnic in the backyard.

Yum! Good times on a Sunday afternoon.

Today I discovered it is time to buy a new digital unless I can get the part of my camera fixed that holds the battery in place. It still works if you hold the battery down but I am here to tell you it is no easy feat to take the shot and hold that part of the camera.

Any recommendations on one to buy? The ex bought this one a few years back and what I love the most about it is how small it is. I can take it everywhere and usually do.

For now I am off to finish the mound of laundry I did Friday night but was too lazy and unmotivated to do over the weekend. It is in a nice pile in the doorway of my bedroom. Then I am off to bed. I was up super early today and had a pretty intense day so my ass is beat.

Peace and Love Peeps.

PS - In case anyone is wondering, the only other "private" phone call since 03/13 came in Sunday when we were at build-a-bear. I would have had Pete answer the phone if I hadn't been briefly talking with K at the time. We both were like whatever and then later when we were baking cookies were like maybe we really are being watched...

T: The call that came in the next day I told you about was his buddy attempting to play a joke on me. Sunday he was completely unaware and didn't even have his phone with him.

Sometimes I think my life has the makings of a Lifetime movie written all over it.

Oh and dang if I didn't come back to edit this post and have those strange spaces that won't delete. There really are some days I long for the old blogger. Change is good, change is good. Now if only I could believe it in this instance.

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