Monday, March 26, 2007

Love Me Some Insurance

Oh yes I do! Got one of the bills from the insurance company. Remember the "this is not a bill" from the hospital? Well, the insurance company sent me a health statement and here is how it breaks down:

Billing $6468.69
Discount $5089.69
Cost of Care $1379.00
Health Plan Paid $805.48
Amount I Owe $573.52

I can live with that. It's only .08% of the hospital's billing.

Now, let's see what we can do to get the rest of the country health care at a reduced price too.

On another note, I got the lab results back. All of my blood work is normal. I don't know what the heck all of it means or what function it serves my body so I'll be researching that in my spare time before I go back to the doc. The good news for the time being is all of the results are in the normal range.

I may just have to check out that body exhibit after all.

Sucky part of the day? I accidentally swallowed some of my inhaler medicine when I was rinsing out my mouth and now my throat is a little sore. Hell, that better be all it is or I am going to be one pissed off woman. I best not be getting a sore throat.

Ok, I know I should have had a rain jacket on Saturday but getting wet doesn't make you sick. Aaaargh. Someone stop me before I talk myself into getting sick.

That's it. I am going to suck down some vitamin c and head for bed.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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kimmyk said...

This has been a sicky year for you!!
No more sickness.

Vitamin C and whatever else you can choke down that looks healthy.