Thursday, March 29, 2007

One More Observation

Surprise. Y'all knew I couldn't stay away right?

I completely forgot to tell you one of my other observations at the airport yesterday.

I know we were all there at the butt crack of dawn and most of the folks looked like they were on vacation but, and I repeat but, when did it become acceptable for us to be in public in our pj's?

I see it a lot at the grocery store. But the airport? Really?

Remember back in the day when people got dressed in their Sunday finest to travel? Now we are just rolling out of bed in any ole thing?

I won't be. Will you? Heck, I feel funny going to the store in sweats sometimes. I'm just saying. Personal pride and standards peeps. Folks do notice.

Ok. I am off of my soapbox and back to the grind. It is supposed to be a beautiful day with temps in the 60s. Pete and I both have to work a little later than we'd like but I see a BBQ and deck action or a trip to the beach to let someone wait on us and where we can watch the seals and other marina action.

Hope you have a good day.

Peace and Love.

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