Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ramblings from the Road

First and foremost, 4:00 AM is an insane time to be getting up in the morning. I love you love kitty really I do but seriously, could you let your mommy sleep until the alarm was set to go off at 4:30? Guess you figured out I was leaving on a one day tour today and just had to get that extra bit of loving in didn't you?

A great big gratitude moment to being on the Alaska shuttle service today. See, it's Spring Break and there are massive amounts of folks in the airport. I got to breeze right on by the long security line with my MVP status and being on the shuttle to the other side of the mountain today.

Doing so allowed me the opportunity to get breakfast with all my other friends at Qdoba and sit back and people watch before I boarded my plane.

Which leads me to the other random ramblings. Let's be sure when we fly we arrive with time to get to our gate ok? I do not appreciate you running up on me at the security line or when I am minding my own business walking to my gate. Being late does not give you the right to be a rude mo fo.

Women, listen up. Take note. If you can't wear heels and drag your rolling bag behind you without looking like you are in pain or are going to topple over, either check the bag or wear flat shoes. It is not attractive to see you in that state and my heart goes out to you. I am all about fashion but really, these are times for practicality, not showing your true diva side.

That is about all I had time to witness. Oh, except for the random guy sitting next to me wearing his Uggs. Man, I tell you. I wish I could get away with wearing my Uggs every day like he said he does.

I probably won't be back until Friday. Tomorrow is date night with Pete and it is also my busy, busy bee work week. Financials came out for the quarter. I did good but as is always the case, I could have done better. Friday night Kyla and I are finishing up the Easter baskets and cards after I get off work so it might be more like later in the weekend.

I know I have said that before and then hopped right on in and updated you with something so feel free to stop on by. I just may surprise us all.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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