Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sigh of Relief

Breathing a big sigh of relief.

For what you might ask.

Well, do you remember when I dropped some bank 12/30/06 at Lenscrafters because I had money in my health care reserve account that had been being deducted all year around to use before 2007 rolled around?

I wrote that fat check and waited patiently for the reimbursement funds to arrive.

Finally on 02/27/07 when I had only received $500.00+ of what was due back to me, I sat down and made copies of receipts, cross referenced what had been paid, and faxed a 25 page itemization (last thing I want to do when I do this for a living from time to time) to the company who cuts the checks.

Guess what arrived yesterday and I picked up in the mail today?

Fo' sho. My remaining funds from 2006 I forked over.

Mo got paid.

Mo is happy.

Mo was doing happy dance until she realized she got ahead of herself and shredded some receipts she could have sent in to use up the the remaining funds she paid for and lost. Mo has come to terms with this and is getting back into her OCD, anal retentive, detail oriented, filing self.

Why Mo is referring to herself in third person I don't know.

What I do know is I am breathing a little bit easier and will be very happy when I see the check deposited.

Here's to small blessings. Hope you have had some too.

Tomorrow we'll talk about St. Patrick's Day, build-a-bear, and some other random stuff you have come to know and love.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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kimmyk said...

Y'know I wish I could understand that health savings plan. My work does it..and this year my daughter got braces and I should've done it but I didn't. It's too late now I think, but next year I plan on figuring it out and doing it. I hope.

Good on you getting moolah!