Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Fever Has Sprung

How is the weather around your parts?
Here? Bootiful! Absolutely gorgeous. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a treat it is to have the sun shining, the birds singing, no clouds in the sky, and the temps in the mid to upper 50's.
Peeps, I'm wearing a pair of slacks, a tank top under a short sleeve cardigan, and my trusty black stilettos. Do you see a jacket in that description?
That'd be uh, no you didn't it!
I hope I am not jinxing it and saying I believe spring has sprung.
We took a moment or two to get out of the office and had lunch at Panera and actually sat outside. It was nothing short of glorious.
Fall is my favorite time of the year but I'm just saying, today is pretty durn good too.
Peace and Love.

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kimmyk said...

Today the temp. was 4 degrees. Single digit-number 4. Today I froze to death. It was like 50 here one day last week and then out of no where the temp. dropped and it poured freezing rain. I can't wait for the heat to hit here....I'm glad you had a good day though.