Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catch Up

First, for those of you who believe in the power of prayer...I have a request. A co-worker is in ICU. All I know right now is he had an infection under his skin. They are not sure of the damage but when he was taken to the hospital yesterday, the doctors have stated if he didn't come in when he did, his leg would have to have been amputated. They are running a battery of tests on all of his internal organs, doing a cat scan, etc. to see what else may have been affected.

Craig is a father of six. A man of character and integrity. Someone I care about. I pray he heals and nothing more is wrong than what they know of currently. If you would offer him up, I would greatly appreciate it.

And this serves as yet another reminder how we need to pay attention to our health. Listen to the quiet whispers. Do things daily. Make it a priority. Stop self abuse and start self love.

It can be a struggle and I am trying to do better.

Now onward to catching you up. First up is Friday. Work. Tired. No duh Mo. You stayed out until early morning and had to get up at the butt crack of dawn. After work T and her man came over. T and I did the boardwalk walk while my snookums (her husband) held down the fort. He watched a movie and refereed the kitties.

Yes Kim, the kitty finally did come out. She was in my bedroom closet the entire time. It took her awhile but when she heard her mommy and daddy, she braved the outside world. Thank goodness cuz' I was starting to feel very unsettled.

I am back to two kitties. Christie and Chloe have gone to be with their family. Single cat lady with four is a thing of the past.

After the walk, T and I went to pick up a few essentials and dinner. We had plans to cook dinner but time ran out so we negated the exercise by chowing on pizza. They watched Zodiac (third time the movie has played in Mo's cinema this week) and I talked with Pete. And T witnessed first hand how meeting someone in the grocery store can happen.

Onward to today. I slept in. Oh yes I did. Felt soooo good. Spent some time on the phone with my gal Karen. It is her birthday today and we all know the older we get, the harder they get to face.

So, I would like to take a moment to publicly wish her a great day. I love you and hope you are still awake tonight for me to share in your special day.

The rest of the day will be spent taking care of personal stuff we all have to deal with and then I am off to

Pete and I are taking in an evening game tonight.

My first one of the season. Nothing much beats seeing a game live at the ballpark.

The energy, the smells, the action you don't see on tv, the food. We can't forget about the food can we?

Garlic fries. Hot dog. Cold beer. Bring it on. Diet be damned.

I hope you and yours are having a fantastic day. I need to get going. It's after 12:00 and I have not started on the stuff I need to do. We are leaving for the game early as there is a ton of stuff going on downtown today (Pike Place's 100th celebration, Hempfest, Brasilfest, etc.) and the construction on I-5 is wreaking havoc on the commute to Safeco.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

sounds like your life is moving in good directions.

i will say a silent prayer for your friend. crazy how our bodies are sometimes are best friend or our worst enemy. we really do need to pay more attention to the warning signs. i've been thinking about this all week-[when i get a chance to post-i'll write about it there]

i hope you enjoyed your 'not a date' with Pete. Was it a date? Or just "two friends" getting together for garlic fries and beer?

wendy said...

oooh - I love baseball, and the M's are hot right now. I personally am a Sox fan (go Boston!), so I'm really rooting for the M's to keep the Yanks out of the wildcard race.

Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday and have rest on schedule for tomorrow!

Mo said...

Thanks Kim. I hope everything is ok with you healthwise too.

For the record, we both said it was not a date but we agree it felt like a date. And he said the other night having the break up talk was a moot point because nothing really has changed. We still talk and see each other all the time. But some things have changed if you know what I mean.

Wendy, Boy howdy another female sports fan!