Friday, August 31, 2007


Wasn't it just the other day I said fall was a'coming?
I saw this tonight laying under one of the trees outside the front of my place. I was giddy from the discovery.

Nature has a way of taking my breath away. Sometimes stops me right in my tracks. The simple beauty of the breathtaking colors had this effect tonight.

I am anxious to see entire trees alive and on fire with color this season. This is the first sign of many to come hopefully.

As most of y'all know, fall is my favorite season. For many reasons but one of the main ones is FOOTBALL baby.

When I was on vacation I created and downloaded the football schedules for my favorite college and pro teams. Tomorrow I'll be hanging out in front of the boob tube watching the Longhorns (Hook 'Em!) beat down Arkansas State and the Buckeyes prove they remain a strong team against Youngstown State. Next weekend pro ball officially starts. Mo is a happy girl!

I'll try not to bore you non football fans too much this season with tales from the season. I can't promise it won't happen but I'm letting y'all know I will try.

Another first from today would be getting kicked out of a bar. Now don't go getting crazy on me. I didn't get out of control, start a fight, or anything like that.
I'm sorry to disappoint you. I simply didn't have my id with me. Even though you can look at me and discern I am well over 21,
won't let you sit at a table in their bar. I understand the legalities. But come on. Maricel and I were pretty certain the waitress would have let us stay at our table if we hadn't been wearing workout clothes and ordered something other than water to drink.
Thankfully there were open tables and we didn't have to wait. Her loss. We're good tippers.
I had an early and long day so I'm outta' here for now. I hope you have a great Saturday and are doing something you want to do over the long weekend. I know I will be.
Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

autumn is my favorite time of the year's visually stimulating to my optic nerves. [baha!]

love it.

this weekend, well...spent last night watchin' the boy play footsieball, then in about an hour i will be watching him play pigskin yet again, then tonight will be homework, tomorrow i'm drivin' home hopefully to see the folks. monday will be spent bbq'in' at jamie's families. great kind of a weekend if i do say so my damn self.

pisser about applebees. i love that place. i didn't know that about the bar though. odd. sometimes when they don't have a table available we'll sit in the bar but not AT the bar so that's probably why i didn't know that. love their oriental chicken wrap and their confetti chicken. yum! oh now i'm hungry.

have a great weekend Mo. see ya on the flip side.

Mo said...

Hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like it will be a busy one.

Applebee's confetti chicken rocks. I almost got that last night but I wanted a salad instead so I got the WW cobb salad.

Ace C said...

That's sign you need to lay off the sauce lady...I think that I am going to have to come over there in whip you into shape. I am not sure what your goals are but I think that I could do it and we could return the favor of favors to Pete.