Monday, August 20, 2007

New Day

I woke up today with new perspective. I am still hurt today but not as pissed off.

Of course, a 40 minute hard walk on a 3.5 incline resulting in mucho sweating and an elevated heart rate does wonders too.

Visiting your co-worker in the hospital changes lots of things too. Like knowing in the grand scheme of things, what has me hurt and pissed, although it is worthy of those feelings, is small in comparison to someone's life/their health.

I appreciate y'all reaching out to me and having my back. I hope you understand I do not wish to publicly speak of it via this method. It is deeply personal and I don't wish to slam someone I care about for the sake of venting.

I am off like a dirty, sweaty shirt. Literally. Jumping into the shower and off to bed I go.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Oh, and Liz, I haven't forgotten about your tag. I plan on doing this tomorrow. Hang in there with me girl.


wendy said...

Great idea sweating it all out. I have days where I try and maintain perspective too. It definitely helps the situation I'm in.

One of my friends used to tell me, in a year, how big will this situation be? In 5 years? She was right. Many of the things I would be so angry about would pass. It's good to vent though, maybe not in this forum, but to someone, or even a journal. I have a best friend who I talk to like 5 times a day, I figure my cell phone bill is cheaper than therapy - and really, she does the same thing, just listens, and then I can move on. It's great! I highly recommend it! =)

Hope today is much better for you!

Mo said...

Thanks Wendy! That is great advice. The first thing I did yesterday was call my best friend and she listened. It does help tons.

Your offer of wine and pasta is one I just may take you up on.

kimmyk said...

'atta girl.
Let it go.
I thought aboutcha on my drive home today and wondered how you were feeling...glad things are looking up.

Ace C said...

You do know some people have a sweaty, dirty shirt fetish...try finding that guy.

Anonymous said...

Exercise does help... hope you feel better!

Mo said...

Ace, That would definitely not be the guy for me.

Sunny, Thanks!